Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Urgent Care

Christopher had an accident this Tuesday and I ended up taking him to an urgent care center. It was one of those unpreventable accidents. He was sitting nicely on the floor (hardwood) pushing his train on a step above (my mom's family room is "sunk in") and bumped his chin on the step. I could tell immediately by his cry that he was really hurt. It was the tiniest cut (looked like a paper cut), but deep and I knew right away it would need to be glued or stitched.

I went to an urgent care center right down the road from my mom and it was great. No wait and everything was set up the same as a hospital. They looked at it and said gluing it would be best. Put on a band-aid with some topical numbing medication and waited 10-15mins for it to work. Christopher ended up falling asleep while we waited. The doctor on the other hand was very annoying and loud: woke him up abruptly and began yelling at me to hold him down. Christopher is really cooperative and I didn't think that was necessary, but I didn't say anything. Then he wanted me to restrain him with my whole body (basically get on top of him) and kept yelling that I wasn't doing it right? Poor Christopher....if it wasn't for the doctor the experience would have been fine. They only charged our insurance as a "specialist" visit so it was only a $20 copay. We were out in 30 minutes. Hands down beat the E.R.


  1. Yikes! That doctor sounds like such a jerk!

  2. Aww poor buddy! Glad you were in and out though without exposing him to all the lovely E.R. bugs!