Friday, May 13, 2011

20 Weeks

I snapped some pictures of myself today (I love that pregnancy gives you an excuse to do that). I'm really going to make it a concerted effort hear on out to take one every week. Mostly because I really need to work on my self-portrait skills and getting in more pictures in general (I hate seeing myself in pictures). It also gives me an excuse to dress up cute and do my makeup :)
Here's a close up of the belly. Christopher out of the blue now asks about the baby which he insists is a sister (I think he says that because when he thinks "brother" he associates that with Andrew and doesn't want another brother that touches his stuff).  Haha!
So everyone keeps telling me I'm carrying so much lower this time. I looked back on some of my old preggy pictures and now agree. I think that may be the one thing different this time around. 
Everything ended up checking out good with the ultrasound. Now my only concern is staying in shape so I can wear my bridesmaid dress for my sister Elizabeth's wedding. I had a fitting last week and was able to squeeze into the size 2 dress that I ordered, thank goodness!


  1. You look amazing! (and I think Christopher is right with his "little sister" comments! Just my opinion) Also, size 2?!?! That's awesome! I could only wish to see that size.

  2. I really had to squeeze into it, so don't be impressed. I'm just really petite. Size 2-4 is my dream size too, I normally have a hard time finding small clothes :(

  3. I hate pictures of myself too, which is why I only have shots of my last baby belly by accident in the background of Christmas pictures of the kids last year. Thank goodness for those!

    You look adorable!

  4. you look so ridiculously gorgeous!

  5. Size 2 and pregnant? You would make my sisters sick. :) :)

    Pretty pictures!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    You look amazing, and you're tiny for being pregnant! Size 2? Wow! :)


  7. i randomly just found you... I LOVE these pictures! You are talented! And SOOO cute!!!! Can I please look as good as you when Im pregnant?!?!?

  8. You are gorgeous!! I love these awesome pictures!!!!