Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Almost Halfway

I'll be 20 weeks on Saturday. Hard to believe that time has been going by so fast! I'm feeling really good. I only ended up taking about 3-5 Zofran pills in all. Somehow I just got better? I've never felt this good before and luckily I still haven't gotten that terrible lower ligament pain (lower stomach pain that comes with subsequent pregnancies). I had the ligament pain with Andrew and it was SO uncomfortable. I literally couldn't get up sometimes. I currently have no pregnancy complaints :0

We go for the ultrasound on Friday and we've officially decided NOT to find out the gender (after much serious debate). We didn't with the other two kids, so we've just decided that we want to stick with tradition. It works for us. I feel like it would be cheating or bad luck or something. I like that I can remember the moment we found out, the day they were born. I'll post pics after the scan. I'm going to a stand alone imaging place rather than my OB, so I'm not sure how that will go...

Did you/would you find out your child(s) gender before they are born? Why?!


  1. This is a topic of debate for Ryan and I, but I have convinced him that for our first child we are not finding out! My mom never knew if she was have a boy or a girl and I've always dreamed I'd be the same way! I know I'd be happy either way, but I want that element of surprise. Who knows, maybe Ryan will love it want to keep it that way. It will be absolute torture for his family, but we are a unit and it is our decision. I 100% support your choice! I am hoping that you have a girl, just to add to the mix!

    Good luck at your ultrasound! I hope all goes well and I am super happy that you are feeling great!

  2. J and I found out (obviously). I was initially opposed to finding out, but Jason really really wanted to know. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I get all of the joys of pregnancy (feeling the baby move, showers, all the mommy stuff), and Jason was feeling a little left out. He comes to every appointment and has input on everything, but something else needed to give. I frankly stopped caring whether or not we found out, so I decided we would for Jason's sake. I'm really glad I did. I like that the baby has an identity and such even now. I think I would have been happier either way. :)

  3. Like Megan, my husband was eager to find out too, he felt that somehow it would help him prepare for the adventure of parenting if he could picture the child.

    Just out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on cloth diapers? I'd been reading a lot of pro-cloth blogs, but would like the input of a real and budget conscious mom

  4. I don't use cloth diapers. Too much work and I've heard that the water/detergent/energy used to clean them is worst for the environment. We have front load washers which cut significantly on water usage, but the detergent is expensive. We don't do laundry everyday, just once a week so having smelly diapers laying around for a week wouldn't work either. That's just my 2 cents, it works for some people though.

  5. I think I've commented before, but if/when we are pregnant, I've compromised to at least not find out for the first one. After that, it's debatable! With all we've been gonig through, we believe God has at least one adopted child for us too, so with that one, we'll definitely finde out.

    @ Maggie, I have a co-worker that uses FuzziBunz cloth diapers and she loves them. I believe you can use a diaper service for them too. Just make sure you have disposable ones for the first few weeks as there is usually a weight limit with all cloth diapers. Babies R Us carries a biodegradable disposable brand that I've heard good things about.

  6. Marjorie! How wonderful you are feeling well!! This pregnancy of yours does seem more similar to mine than your last two. I felt better by 20 weeks and then just felt great. I wonder if the few times you took the zofran got your body back on track to feeling well sooner or if you would have felt better at this time anyway. I did notice a pattern of wellness and sickness kind of like a snowball effect.

    Have you noticed and flutters yet? I remember with E I was 17 weeks.

  7. I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if the few pills got me back "on track." I started feeling better for sure around 15 weeks. Mary and I were just saying how crazy it is when she recalled a trip to the shore we made at the end of the summer when I was pregnant with Andrew. I was far along, but threw up the entire trip down.

    I started feeling the flutters really early this time (I did with Andrew too) around 16 weeks, but it was very infrequent. Now I'm feeling movements often. Most in the morning before I'm up (I guess to signal me that s/he is hungry).