Friday, May 6, 2011

A Peek Inside

I went for a routine 20 week ultrasound today. Our insurance changed this time around and required us to go to a stand alone facility for the scan. I found this out right before Easter and it threw me into a huge panic. I've had some bad experiences with places like that in the past, but it ended up all working out in the end. I went to a new facility that just serves women with brand new technology.

They didn't mention beforehand that no one was allowed to come in for the ultrasound. You should have seen the look on Chris' face when the tech told him this, he looked so sad. The whole experience was just so different from my last ones. The tech completely draped me with paper towels (it was like I was being prepped for surgery or something). Then she said Chris could come back once the scan was over and explained that she couldn't tell me anything about the baby, gender, pictures of the gender, etc. only my OB could evaluate the results. She said hardly anything the entire time which was a little awkward...

The baby looked cute, similar to Christopher and Andrew :) S/he was so curled up, it was difficult to make out many features. Just like Andrew the tech had such a hard time seeing the lips/chin! It was tense because I didn't want to come in for another scan. It's legs were crossed too most of the time which was funny. S/he also measured a few days behind, but the tech thinks it shouldn't effect my due date, that it's within the margin of error. The tech showed Chris a quick view of the baby afterward and gave us the one picture above. I should hear back from my OB with the results this week.


  1. cutest little baby! i hate it when the techs can't say anything:(

  2. :)

    Looks very similar to Christopher's side profile I think.

    I know it's frustrating when the tech's can't say anything, I had the same thing happen this past week with my ultrasounds, but I know this rule is in place so that they don't tell you something incorrect. It all falls under whose "scope of practice" it is. It's not within my "scope of practice" as a nurse to give diagnoses either. Even if I've seen something a million times, legally I'm prevented from saying so.

    Weird that Chris wasn't able to go back. Wonder why?

  3. Yeah, that's what she was saying. They do it to prevent getting sued or telling you the wrong thing. I was disappointed, but I understand where they are coming from. I know doctors and nurses see so much, so I try not to complain and I'm fine with any rules they have in place.

    She said that something happened before she started working there with having people come back. That people were getting carried away and bringing back entire families and crying kids, etc. So now they changed their policy to not allowing anyone to prevent distraction.

  4. Aww but it's Chris' baby too! We have a 2 people per bedside rule for the same reason. Still think he shoulda been able to come back. Surely by now he's learned to behave himself in public ;)

  5. Beautiful, beautiful profile shot!

    That is disappointing it had to be that way. I was blessed with both babies' to have the same tech who was so friendly, talkative, and showed more enthusiasm for the healthy way the baby looked than anyone. I remember her pointing out all the parts she needed to check and say "gorgeous, the chambers of the heart look gorgeous. Look at that spine. just gorgeous" and so on for a half an hour. I requested her specifically for E and wish everyone could have her and all she shared.

    I cannot believe they did not even let Chris in! It is so usual that a spouse come they should have warned you before you came.

  6. We would be so upset if Ryan couldn't come in the room with me for the ultrasound. Oh my heavens, I'm sorry Chris couldn't join you. :(

  7. HI! I'm a new follower!! Congrats on baby #3!!!! Both of your boys are precious. Hope you enjoyed your mother's day!

  8. The place I went to never allowed children in but spouses were allowed. The funny thing is that Paul came to only one OB appointment and that was the ultrasound with Catherine. All the other appointments I did on my own.
    There was one time he came with me while I was carrying Stephen, it was when they thought something might be wrong with him that he came. Once we got the assurance that everything was fine he stopped coming.
    Even when I found out the twins were boys. I was in my own. It was the no children allowed rule that prevented him from coming. I needed him to take care of the babes while I was at the doctors.
    I'm glad to hear that all is well. And I pray the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

  9. Why wouldn't they allow your husband in? That just sounds awful!

    The profile shot is adorable! I can't believe you guys are waiting to find out the sex! I couldn't do it! We always have to find out!

    Congrats again!