Thursday, June 2, 2011

22 Weeks

Isn't this picture so neat? Christopher took it of me! He loves taking pictures, so I set up the camera and had him shoot away.
-I'm still feeling really good.
-This baby is really mellow and not much of a mover.
-The heat doesn't really bother me that much. With both of my pregnancies I went through the summer, so I'm used to it.
-Lately (since the ultrasound), I've been terrified of going early again. I'm pretty sure I've already felt a few contractions. I still have another week to go till I get to 24 weeks where the baby would even have a small chance of surviving. I was goggling ways to prevent pre-term labor and there really isn't much out there. Being underweight and having a previous pre-term birth are also both risk factors I have. I started having serious contractions with Andrew at only 32 weeks. I told my doctor about it back then, but they didn't seem too concerned? I had no idea then that you should call your OB if you have more than 7 in one hour. I think if I had known the signs to look out for last time that would have helped. I plan to bring up my concerns at my appointment this Friday. In the meantime, I hope this baby stays safe and snug inside....


  1. Everything will be fine! You are one smart'll know if something is up. When I have B-H contractions, I will lay on my side and drink some water. To me at this point, its practice for the big day and a sign that I need to slow down for a few minutes. Until the new little one arrives, I'll keep praying that Baby Jones keeps baking! :)

  2. Praying that baby does stay snug and safe until its time!! With mypregnancy I was on bedrest the last 5 months because they were afraid baby was coming as early as 28 weeks. Each week was a milestone! I stayed low key adn baby made it to 40 weeks and 4 dayas!!! You can doit. Just make susre you are resting as much as you can and everything will be just fine!

  3. that is a great picture!! Glad to hear you're doing well!

  4. You have to slow down if you are starting to have contractions. I started having them around 26 weeks with the twins and went on bed-rest. I ended up making it to 35 weeks with them. You can essentially put yourself on modified bed-rest if you are feeling contractions.
    You have to start doing less and laying down more with your feet up. Don't pick up your other two kids unless you absolutely have to. If Andrew isn't climbing stairs yet, it's time to teach him how. The less strain you put on your body the better.
    As for the weight I've never had an underweight issue but my one close friend who does had to force herself to eat every two hours in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Don't worry about gaining to much you can and will lose it after the baby is born. This is not to say consume unhealthy amounts of food, but eat healthy food and substantial amounts every two hours.
    Lastly, the thing I was worst about (and still am) is make sure you are drinking enough. Lots of liquids will also help keep you strong.

  5. Oh and i ALWAYS had mega preterm contractions, starting at 25 weeks along with my first and around 19 weeks with the second.. sometimes like 30 or more an hour. i had to say in the hospital when i was 33 weeks along with my first. they always did the fetal fibronectin test on me! Two of my babies came at 37 weeks! But we all made it! Not fun though.

  6. Thanks for the encouraging words! I had one of those fetal fibronectin test with my first, not fun.