Saturday, June 18, 2011

25 Weeks

I made it to 6 months! I feel good. My feet and back are pretty sore by the end of the day though. I tire easily too. Overall though I'm in good spirits, keeping up with my busy routine, and not having too much trouble sleeping.
We toured the new hospital where the baby will be born. They built a new hospital since Christopher and Andrew have been born. It's great; all state of the art and mostly dedicated to mothers and babies. My hospital delivers close to 8,000 babies a year! They built the new hospital just to better facilitate this. I'll have a private room and they even have a separate entrance for women in labor. My biggest fear is not making it there on time. Both babies have been fast and we live even farther away from the hospital now (about 45mins) without traffic.
I've always been very happy with my care at the hospital and with my OB/GYN practice. I had completely natural deliveries (as in no pain meds) with both my kids and I wouldn't have been able to do it without having such understanding doctors and helpful nurses. I know that's a rare thing when going with an OB and delivering in the hospital. I've had "the best of both worlds" in that I have a doctor with the experience and knowledge of an OB, but with the conservative/natural approach of a midwife. The hospital also has therapy balls to sit on, tubs (I never used one though) and other equipment for natural pain relief.
My fingers are crossed that everything goes smoothly and I can do it again with this baby.


  1. When you posted the wedding pics, I couldn't get over (well, lots of things- it was a beautiful day!), but I loved how the bridesmaids dresses had the draping/ruching- that couldn't have worked out any better for you and a growing belly! :)

  2. MJ, you are so beautiful. Except for that little baby bump, you would never know you have a little bean growing! Hopefully, third time's a charm for your natural child birth.

  3. I'm keeping you and your baby in my prayers now and always. Everything will be fine. God works in mysterious ways. I'm going to have to do a ton of research when I get pregnant because I don't know anything about the hospitals down here in regards to OB/GYN and Maternity and whatnot... I'm glad you have a state of the art hospital to deliver in! Just leave a bit earilier when the contractions start since you have quick deliveries. Praying!!

  4. you look gorgeoussssss!! praying everything goes smoothly! you'll do great mama.