Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hagley Museum

I took the boys to the Hagley Museum and I have to share the pictures!
Can you believe NASA hired these cuties?! This was a real space suit that you could climb into for pics :0
Christopher the crazy scientist ;) I couldn't get Andrew into the lab coat or to put on the goggles.
Andrew at 18 months. He's getting better with having his picture taken. He's saying sentences now, some letters, he can get things you ask for, likes throwing things into the trash, imitates, and still doesn't have much hair. He's a very easy going child, always has been. 
Christopher will be 3 on the last day of August. He's a joker/trickster, he knows his letters and numbers, is learning the months and time (he keeps asking me what time it is). I started him with some simple chores: setting the table, unloading the washer/dryer, getting me things, putting out Duke's food and helping vacuum.
They've grown to be best friends. For a long time I thought I made a mistake having them so close together, but now that I see them play/talk/interact with each other I glad they're so close. What I find so interesting is that there will be things Christopher is afraid to do (like going into a bounce house) and he'll want Andrew to come with him. Andrew looks up to Christopher for everything.
We had a picnic lunch and a really fun time! We're having a great summer. 


  1. I love this post! Those space suit pictures are hilarious. It sounds like your boys are making great strides and are smart little guys. I hope Elliott is able to do the same. :)

  2. Those spacesuit photos are so adorable!

  3. Too cute! What kind of museum is the Hagley museum? I love hands on places for kids.

    So neat to see how their relationship is forming. I absolutely love the pic of them hugging!!!

  4. It's a museum and library with extensive grounds left from the Du Ponts. They actually didn't have much for kids other than one floor of the museum. The real attraction is the home which we missed because the kids got noisy.

  5. Oh my goodness, your older boy seriously looks like he should be the face of some product. They're so cute.

  6. I love the pictures and I love that Andrew and Christopher are so close and love to do things together. I actually have a picture of my brother (23 months my younger) and I hugging when we were 3 and 5 ish that reminds me of your boys! I'm glad your summer is going so well!