Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It was a Fairy Tale (Part II)

Here's a few more of my pictures from my sister's wedding day. I don't have any from the wedding ceremony in the church since I was in the wedding. Can't get enough of these bubble photos as they left the church!
We had professional photos taken at Longwood Gardens. 
I'm so vain, I had my sister snap a bunch of pictures of me while we were waiting. Hey, it's not everyday you get so dressed up and I figured I could print a few of them for my hubby for Father's Day:)
Oh yes, I got cute pictures of the baby bump too. I'll put them in another post. 
The reception was at the Du Pont Hotel. The food was so good! I had to show a shot of her dress bustled.
That's my mom and youngest sister above watching the bride dance. Christopher and Andrew liked dancing as well.
There was a dessert room just like at my reception, except this time I got to dig in since I wasn't the bride ;)
To view more of my pictures, check out my MJ Photography page on facebook.


  1. what a beautiful wedding!!! And those are great pictures of you!

  2. Totally <3 the one of you propped on your hands on the stone wall. That dessert room was fabulous BTW!

  3. I love the boys' outfits! Classic and adorable!

  4. All of your photos are fantastic, but i LOVE the one of andrew dancing- so precious, the look on his face! ;)

  5. Her wedding looks like a Fairy Tale wedding! Love, love, love her dress!! And the colors and softness of everything was beautiful!

    Oh and I would have had someone take pictures of us too!

  6. Oh my goodness! it looks like it was a fabulous day!!!

    Where did your sister and new brother-in-law go on their honeymoon?!

  7. It was an amazing day, Marjorie! I felt that was at a fairytale wedding for sure!

    Her dress is as beautiful as it gets! You looked so pretty in the bright pink color.

    What better time to get family pictures than a wedding. The boys were adorable and did so well throughout such a long day.

    I loved being able to take home the desserts in the little boxes.