Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Formal Living Room Funiture

Finally we have some furniture in this room! We got two end tables, a coffee table and round lamp table. We still plan on getting two arm chairs and a white sofa later this year, if we can manage to save up the money. The white sofa will go on the wall between the two end tables. I plan on getting a less expensive sofa (maybe from Pottery Barn) and then dressing it up with fancy blue, decorative pillows.
The furniture is from the same collection we have in our dining room and family room.
My mom gave me the lamps when she moved since they no longer matched her decor. They had black shades on them, so I got new white ones from Target for only $12! Our color theme for this room is blue and white with silver accents.
I saw this decorative idea of using Tiffany boxes in a model home :) The rest of the accent pieces I took from around our house or storage.
This side of the room (which you can't see completely) will have two arm chairs on either side of the round table.
So it's coming along, slowly!


  1. It looks beautiful Marjorie!

  2. The furniture in all your house is so lovely and will last such a long time. I really admire your living wisely and spending frugally so that you can afford to have items that will last a lifetime.

    What type of side chairs would you get? Matching the white sofa also?

    For your family room/den what type of sofas are you interested in? Would you do an ottoman to put your feet up?

  3. I plan on getting side chairs with some sort of blue pattern in it.

    For the family room I know I want a sectional type of couch maybe in light gray. I want one piece of the couch to be a chaise lounge for lying. I like ottomans, but they sell a storage chest coffee table in our furniture collection so I will probably go with that.

  4. Oh, I love the Tiffany's theme! (I am a Tiffany's addict!)