Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Laundry Room

We finished painting our laundry room 2 weeks ago. We went with a light shade of lavender called "french heirloom" by Behr. I sort of wish I went a few shades darker to a medium purple, but this works too. It's a HIGH traffic area in our house. One door leads to the garage which is where we enter because we park in the garage, another door leads to the basement and the third door connects to the kitchen. Our dog Duke sleeps in here too. So yeah, definitely a lot of traffic and it will have to be re-painted every few years. We figured on using what we bought and maybe going darker in the future.
Here's what it looks like painted
Door that leads from the kitchen to basement
When we were painting, we took down the cheap metal shelf that was behind the washer/dryer and decided to buy cabinets that match our kitchen/bathrooms for in there. We want something that looks better and is more durable. Well we got a quote and major sticker shock! We're currently getting quotes from a few other places. We know we're doing it and soon before the style is discontinued, just looking for a better deal. There will be more pictures and updates once that project is done. Funny how one project leads to another....
A blue print of what we want done. There is a utility sink next to the washer that's missing in this diagram.
We also organized the cleaning supplies that we kept in the room and decided to move some of these bigger objects to the garage (the laundry room is so small). We got this great broom rack from Amazon for $19 (and free shipping). It's expandable and you can change the configuration any way you want.
Finally, I plan to buy some antique wash boards (we live near antique stores) and hang them in the laundry room for decoration :) Most are sold for under $20. Does your home have a laundry room? Are you happy with it? (For the record I'm so disappointed with ours. There's no windows and it's so small).


  1. At the moment I am just happy to have a washer and dryer that isn't in the kitchen and it closer to the bedrooms. When we build (hopefully) we will have a laundry room and shelving is a must. I need to look through some houses to get a feel for what I like. I will saym the dust from the dryer always irritates me; I'm constantly wiping the machines down.

    Your room looks good and the shelves will be a nice addition. I do agree with going a little darker next time, but it looks nice the way it is.

  2. Thanks! We're planning on doing cabinets rather than shelves to hide everything. The biggest thing I'd like would be a larger laundry room just so I could have a counter to put folded clothes on and rolling basket to throw clean clothes in.

    I love our front load washer/dryers! They have paid for themselves in a year with how much less water/energy we use.

  3. Our laundry room is in our "back basement." Part of our basement is fully furnished and is like a living room/hang out for us. The back basement is painted and not as nice as the furnished part. But there is a window about the washer and dryer, so we do get some natural light.

  4. love the color! we have a similar color in our downstairs bathroom- it's the lightest color pink that's just one step away from white, but i like it! :)

  5. Our laundry room is also our guest bathroom and I'm trying to figure out a creative way to separate the two.

  6. I really like it, especially the organizer for the brooms and mops! Our laundry "room" is the area by the door and my attempt to make it better was the shoe shelf and a rack for keys on the wall. With renting, we can't make huge changes and I'm just glad we have a washer and dryer in the apartment. One day, I'd really like to have a true mud room complete with folding table for doing laundry too. I think the cabinets will be a nice addition to yours!

    <3 Ania

  7. I need to get one of those broom racks! Can't wait to see how your cabinets turn out!