Thursday, September 1, 2011

Consignment/Resale Selling and Shopping

I figured I blog about my recent experience with selling and buying kid's clothes via consignment and resale. First, there's a difference between the two which a good friend pointed out. Resale is where they give you cash on the spot for your stuff. Consignment is when they take your items and you make a percentage of what the store sells it for.

I sold some kid clothes for my mom and a few things that I didn't want anymore from the boys. I made about $30 for two bags of clothes when I went to the resale store. Resale was a lot less picky and had a bigger selection. Consignment is more choosy and has less of a selection to shop from.

Some items that are totally worth shopping consignment/resale for would be: Holiday wear, particularly costumes, Christmas/Easter themed clothes, dresswear, etc. Those items get worn only a few times and can be pricey. Outerwear like winter, leather or wool coats. Infant shoes since they outgrow them so fast and they don't get much wear (wouldn't buy older kid shoes because they were really worn). I also found the kid shirts and jeans pretty worn there too, so I would pass up on that. I ended up buying a brand new knitted cap for the baby for $4 and a one piece white knitted outfit for $3 (looked like it came from a boutique).  

Anyone have other tips to share with buying/selling? What items do you purchase and which do you pass up?


  1. I like your new color scheme! And as a kid I was outfitted completely from thrift stores. My boyfriend and I swear by them and vintage places. And my sister gets all her boys' stuff from them. Things secondhand are hit or miss. So I think the trick is just spending time looking, which as I got older I've gotten less willing to do. But if you have the time, do search for treasures!

  2. True. On my first trip I left empty handed, on my 2nd I found 3 pieces. I plan on going back whenever I'm in the area and checking at least.

  3. Our area has a huge consignment event. I'm actually preparing for it right now. It's called The Kids Clothesline. For the fall they only accept things that are fall/winter items plus baby gear and toys. It's a four day event that happens twice a year.
    I have to tag and hang all my clothes. I choose what price I want to sell them for and I have the option of picking up my unsold items at the end of the sale or donating them. It's a lot of work, sorting through all the clothes, choosing the right price for things, and finding wire hangers to hang them on. But in the end if the price is right I can make a lot of money (60% of my selling price comes back to me). Last spring was the first time I did it and I made about $200.

  4. Amanda-I researched some of those events but they were too far and right around the time I'm due :( I hope to make it out in the future, more likely to buy. After I'm done having kids I plan to sell more. $200 is great!!

  5. I've found the consignment shops in our area are still sort of pricey, at least for adult stuff. I can find things for about the same price at Ross, brand new so that's what I prefer doing for now. I thought about consigning some of my stuff, but found they are too picky for the time I'm willing to devote to it. I just end up dropping stuff off at our local goodwill. I think when I have kids, esp. for stuff like you mentioned, I will be a little more into it. Glad you found a hat for baby!