Monday, September 26, 2011

Her Name

I always love hearing stories about how/why people choose their child's name, so I wanted to share our reasons behind the name Evangeline Marie for our daughter.

-Evangeline means: "bearer of good news" and "like an angel." We loved those meanings.
-We're calling her "Evie" for short, pronounced "EH-vee" like Evelyn. When she gets older we may call her Eva for short.

-It's unusual and also traditional which are two things we search for in a name. We wanted to stick with something traditional so that it would fit with Christopher and Andrew.
-We searched for a very long time for a middle name that would fit with her 1st name. We knew we wanted something short since her 1st name is so long and we didn't want something too unusual since her 1st name is on the rare side.

-We chose Marie because it was french like Evangeline.
-I also liked that it ended with "e" just like Evangeline does. It looks nice :) 


  1. Her name is beautiful and I love the meanings of it! Congratulations again!

  2. My middle name is Marie. :) And her first name is beautiful. I love it! Congrats!

  3. Oh Marjorie, I'm in love with her! I can only imagine how much more so you are!!! I love the name, it's so fitting for her. Congratulations again.

    With love,

  4. perfect name for your perfect daughter. just want to eat her up!