Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life wth 3

I wanted to put a little post together with some of the things that have changed with baby #3...

-I have to re-think routines. Bath time takes longer because I have to bath the boys in the tub and Evangeline in the sink.

-We had to get a new car seat for Andrew so we could fit 3 car seats in one row. We have two back seats as well, but I worry about a rear collision with one of them being back there.

-I used to be fine with 1 shopping cart. They would both ride, Andrew would ride and Christopher would walk or they would both walk. For now I have Christopher walk and Andrew and the baby ride. Only thing that doesn't work for is grocery shopping when I need a lot of room in the cart. I'm stuck using the "car" carts and they are HUGE and such a hassle.  

-In a small way I feel like were starting over with a baby. Both boys were mobile, off baby food, out of high chairs, done with baby equipment (ex. swing) and can communicate when something is wrong.

-Keeping them all quiet for Mass has been difficult, but that's nothing new it's x3 now! :0

-I have a child that needs my attention 24/7. The boys are able to entertain themselves, play with each other, get many of the things they need without my help. Evangeline needs me to do everything for her.

-Before I was able to get away with NOT bringing a stroller. About 97% of the places we went I didn't bother to bring it and just had the boys walk. Now I have to bring one and figure out who I want to ride in it.

-I used to be an "all boy mom" but that has changed. Sometimes I'm sad I don't belong to that group anymore.
We're still adapting to the changes. We all love her so much, so that has made the process easier :)


  1. Great post! Its crazy how much of a difference it makes from 2 to 3. & it must be harder too with Christopher walking when you shop because it is probably harder to watch him.

  2. Wow, that is a lot to have on your plate! Both my sisters have two kids and it is complete and utter chaos when we all get together! I'll be adding a fifth child to the family clan and I can't imagine how crazy things will be then. Not that that compares to having three youngsters of my own. I would definitely need an extra pair of hands. It could always be worse though! You could be Octomom! ;-)

  3. Petchie-They are really good in stores, they don't wander off. They haven't gotten that "smart" yet ;)

    Sean Marie-It's actually not that difficult, just different. I found it harder to adapt from 1 to 2. Definitely not as hard as octomom :0

    Now that I think about I hope this post doesn't come off sounding like I'm complaining, I just wanted to show how things changed. I'm trying to enjoy all the baby things too because Evie will be the baby of the family for a few years :)

  4. I find it interesting how our parenting styles differ sometimes. I have noticed that I tend to keep my toddler more of a baby and that you advance your kids more quickly. I have noticed this in how we use carseats, highchairs, and beds. Sometimes I am not sure if it is because of differences in our equipment, birth spaces or personalities.

  5. I never really thought about 2-3 being such a huge change, but I guess it is from the sounds of it. We always had 3 in the house when I was growing up (all spread out though), but when my little sister was born, we had to get that 3rd row in the vehicle.

    I can only imagine that there are huge adjustments with each child and I am sure you are doing great! Enjoy Evie being a baby! Pretty soon they will all be playing together!

  6. Oh MJ, you and CJ are outnumbered ;)

    Those car carts are the devil! When I nannied (ages 5, 4, 2 and 6 months when I started) the youngest one LOVED those carts and it was the only way to get him to behave for the entire trip. Kudos to you for taking them all out at once! I only ventured to the store when the older 2 were on play dates or girl scouts. I know it's crazy but I'm sure you're doing great!

    P.S. I"m glad blogger is back to letting me comment under my profile again!

  7. Ania, who in the world designed those things?! I can't believe you nanny so many little ones at once, wow!

    LR-I was just talking to another blogger about this! I think it's my personality and the fact that I'm a teacher. I push independence A LOT with kids. As a teacher I saw so many kids that expected their parent or an adult to do things for them. Once we had a 2nd grader whose mom would hold her drink for her as she walked into the classroom and hang up her coat for her, etc. My motto is the earlier the easier (before habits are formed)! For instance, I ditch pacifiers before 9 months to avoid that struggle with kids. This should be a future blog post!

  8. wow great post girl! if you're interested i'm giving away a starbuck gift card on my blog! come check it out!

  9. This is a fantastically insightful post. The most interesting thing is in the comment-conversation you had with LR. I hope to get Elliott independent too, because my sister sees those issues with her 1st graders all the time. It's our job to raise capable, well-adjusted adults (not that LR isn't doing that, but just in her own way). I hope to see that post soon!

  10. Haha I was 16 when I started watching them too. I still surprise myself when I say that out loud. By the time I went off to college, they were 2, 4, 6 and 7 and I was only 18. Crazy right? Makes me think, if I did it then, I could do it now :)

  11. Ania- You were only 16? Impressive! I don't know many adults that would have taken that position.

    Megan-I'll have to get a post in draft :)

  12. I think you're doing great! Much better than a lot of moms, I'm sure. I hope when it's time for me to have little ones, I'll be as composed and positive as you!