Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Makeup Disappointment

I'm not a total MAC snob, I do try other products and one that everyone has been raving about is the Revlon Just Bitten Lip-stains. I picked up their most popular shade "Passion" and couldn't wait to try it out! It looks just like a marker so I applied it like one. BIG mistake. It was way too dark and lived up to it's name and "stained" my lips for hours. Apparently you should apply it like this or this. Now, I know people are going to hate me for this, but even applied correctly I'm not crazy about it. It looks similar to the effect of drinking cherry cool-aid. I like that it lasts all day, but I don't really like how it looks on me. I think it would be good for women that rock the "natural" look like Jessica Biel or women with medium-darker complexions. I'm very pale, so anything other than light pinks, nude or clear gloss looks terrible on me. I also feel like it's a lot of work to get it to look right and if I'm going to apply something to my lips, I want it to be noticed. What do you think of lip-stains? Which ones have you tried and what would you recommend? 


  1. I'm a lover of lipstains, and I did not like this one either. It was nothing more than a marker, and my chap stick side broke off within two uses. The lipstain look is completely different than lipstick. It definitely can have that coolaid look to it.

    When I use a lipstain, I have to put a gloss over it and reapply the gloss regularly.

    My favorite lipstain is a liquid stain and lipgloss dual. I adore it for me, but not sure it would be for you because you like lighter lip colors.

    I have recently moved away from MAC products as I am trying to go more green with my makeup, yet the older I get the more I realize that cheap makeup is not for me. I have decided that I would rather more quality ingredients than quantity of items. My makeup bag is small, but I like what I have. I wouldn't call myself a makeup snob even though I hate cheap makeup.

  2. I'm not a huge lipstick/stain fan. I've always been more of a chapstick/lip gloss kind of girl, mainly because my lips are naturally very dark. I even got in trouble once b/c someone thought I was wearing lipstick in gradeschool! Don't think I'll be trying out lipstains anytime soon!


  3. I'm with you. I've never tried the lip stains but nothing other than nude, light pink, or clear works on me either. Reds look terrible!! If you find something better let me know.

  4. LR-I was eager to hear your opinion on them because I know you like stains! I can see stains working really well for you because you also look really great with red lipstick. I wish I could pull reds off. I also find my makeup drawer is getting more selective :) I guess I meant "snob" in the sense that they are my preferred brand and I tend to stick with their products. Your favorite one is just like MACs Pro Longwear lipsticks, even the applicator is the same. I used that for my wedding and it was pretty good except you must keep applying the gloss. Here's the link in case you ever want to compare:

    Ania-Mine are pretty pigmented too, so I'm wondering if that's why it didn't look so great?

    Meghan-I think I'll give up on the stains :0

  5. I rarely wear anything on my lips but chapstick, mainly cause I'm constantly kissing on my baby and don't wanna leave sticky lip stick or gloss all over her. I do like stains though, because they don't transfer off your lips.

  6. i was curious about these, too- but never bought 'em bc i generally can't stand ANYTHING on my lips, apart from chapstick! ;) however, i DID find one gloss that i love bc it's not sticky- it's from rock and republic cosmetics, a gloss called 'muse'...the best! anyway, thanks for the review!

  7. I do like those dual products as they are compact and fit in my tiny purse. I have never used that mac product, but I think I have tried things like them. I am sucked into the products that post long wear. On my lips they always seem to peel and flake off instantly. Am I applying them wrong? My husband hates when I am flaky. The dual stain I have enjoyed has a water like consistency.

    The benetint liquid stain I like only comes in red, light pink, and mango. They are generally very limited with colors. Maybe you are just not a stain girl. Do remember that sephora has a great return policy on gently used items if you ever want to take the plunge on a nice product but still be able to return if it is not for you.

  8. Megan-I did like that it was permanent and didn't get flaky on the lips.

    LR-I didn't know about sephora's return policy. The MAC one does peel and get flaky too, but it takes several hours to get that way.