Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Party

Some of our fall fun over this past weekend included a pumpkin party hosted by Chris' relatives! The kids played football.
There were tons of pumpkins (they got them from a nearby college that studies agriculture, but isn't allowed to sell their produce).
 Pumpkin craving. *Note: Chris needs to work on his art skills a little more :0
I managed to get a somewhat decent picture of Andrew (he does smile I promise, just not for me).
I managed to finally get a picture of me...
and Christopher.
There was apple cider and we roasted hot dogs. Fun time!


  1. This sounds wonderful! You look great. And that pumpkins face is darling. His crooked smile adds personality. :)

  2. what a cool party idea...and they got the pumpkins for free?!


  3. I love your top!! Such sweet pictures of your boys!

  4. Where is sweet baby girl!? She is so beautiful. I cannot get enough of her cute little face.

  5. Oh how fun! You look great, Mj!

  6. You do not look at all like you just had a baby! Looks like you all had a blast too. What a fun memory.