Sunday, October 30, 2011

Storybook Land 2011

Our annual October trip to Storybook Land was so freezing fun! Storybook Land is an amusement park in NJ for children based on fairy tales. The rides are all little kid friendly and there are interactive exhibits based on storybook characters. I loved this place as a kid and I'm glad I have an excuse to go back :)
Mary Had a Little Lamb Schoolhouse
Trick or treating at Little Red Riding Hood's house
Jonah's whale. The kids were scared till they saw other kids going in to play.
Jack and Jill's Hill which has a fun slide to go down.
Alice in Wonderland's "Rabbit Hole" you can walk through.
 In October they have hay rides...
and a hay maze set up. It took me about a half hour to find our way out of the maze (Chris hung back with the baby). They have a 12 piece puzzle to solve while inside, we only found 9 before giving up and asking for help with finding the exit. :0 

The boys understood the concept of finding our way out. Andrew kept saying "We're stuck" and Christopher kept asking if we were lost, but they were trying hard. As you can see, Christopher was holding the puzzle and collecting the stickers for it.
Proof that Chris was there with us...and he was freezing. He packed a hoodie rather than his winter coat.
Perfect day of fall fun :)


  1. I've never heard of Storybook Land, but it looks enchanting for children! I absolutely love your pictures! The colors are so vibrant (the tractor wheel photo is one of my favorites). That stinks that Chris was cold, being cold always puts a damper on the day. Ryan would do the same thing though...boys:)

    I will have to remember this place when I have little ones! I love how you are always doing fun day trips with your family!

  2. What great memories! I love the last pic with Christopher driving!

  3. Sarah-He likes being on the colder side, but big mistake! I'm always cold, so I came prepared.

    Ania-You can't see in the pic, but Christopher's concentrating so hard he has his tongue out! :0

  4. Fabulous photos! Looks like ye had a lovely day:) Happy Halloween!!

  5. I really liked the school house pictures. Do they like the idea of school?

  6. LR-Christopher does. He's excited to start school in a few years, me not so much! I wish time would slow down.

  7. Oh how fun! What great pictures! Poor Chris for not packing a jacket! Tee-hee!

  8. I never noticed or visited storybook land as a kid growing up in Philly. But this past summer, driving to avalon, we passed it and it stuck out to me. It's amazing how being a mom makes you notice things differently.