Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday iPhone Dump

Thanksgiving meal made by me
Walmart :0
Pumpkin pie making
Love seeing him with a little girl now :)
"Boots" as Christopher calls them
Thanksgiving Day
More pie making...
Sunbathing in November
Our Christmas cards


  1. Beautiful photos! Hope you had a lovely day and enjoy the weekend:)

  2. I find those iphone photo apps so funny. It is funny how the iphone has a really great camera and then its so popular to do that old fashioned look on them.

    I love Christopher's sweater!

    Yay for getting your cards done!

  3. Looks like a lovely Thanksgiving. Glad you have such a beautiful family to share it with.

  4. Thanks everyone :)

    LR- For me I'm a camera "snob" so while the iPhone camera is pretty good for a phone it doesn't get the results I'm used to. I feel like if I want a "perfect" crystal clear picture, it's pointless to use the phone I can just use my camera. I feel like the instagram and hipstamatic apps are also a new "medium" of photography that's different from my usual and fun to experiment with.

    I got sweater from GAP :) They sell Irish sweaters there every year. This was his old one from last year and I pass down his old ones to Andrew. They are pricey, but I get so much use out of them They are super warm and comfy, but dressy enough for church or special occasions.

  5. Beautiful pictures and gorgeous kids.

    Heel in Mint