Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Andrew is 2!

While having a December baby wasn't in our plans (he was very early) and it was a difficult time of year to have a new baby, I have to say I'm loving the whole birthday party in December deal now :) We went with all RED and GREEN for a Christmas themed party. 
Instead of party favors we did a red and green candy table where kids could fill bags to take home. My MIL brought cupcakes decorated with red Santa hats and green Christmas tress.
There are so many fun Christmas crafts out there for kids which is great because you're stuck inside for December birthdays. I found a gingerbread kit inexpensive at our grocery store with ready made cookies and packets for decorating (read: cheap & easy).
We also decorated clear Christmas balls with colored Epsom Salt. I saw a similar activity on the blog Play at Home Mom. We could have also filled the balls with the colored salt, but this was simpler for little kids (if you fill the balls with sand, glitter, beads, etc it makes a great grown-up gift too). 
My niece showing her finished product. 
When we sung "Happy Birthday" Andrew was SO enchanted. He was so cute and wide-eyed. He really loved it.
He thought he was so funny, digging into the cupcake :0 He's still doing well with the potty training, but tends to have an accident per day. I'm not giving up though because it's getting progressively better and we've even made short trips out and he's keeping dry. Plus, it's saving me money on diapers! Haha!


  1. Gorgeous photos! I am sure it was a wonderful party:)

  2. Aw happy Birthday to Andrew! I lov ethe picture of him eating the cupcake he looks so cute!

  3. Great pictures!! Happy Birthday to Andrew!

  4. This looks like a lot of fun. :) I LOVE those cupcakes!! Happy Birthday to your little one. And wow, having a 2-year-old little brother makes Christopher sound so old! :)

  5. I love that you went all out! I'm a January baby and sometimes winter b-days can be rough when you're a kid. So many of my parties were cancelled b/c of blizzards. Glad to see Andrew had a great time!

  6. Ania-That's why it was important to me. He gets short shifted a lot with being the middle child and having a b-day so close to the holidays. I think I'm going to go with the whole Christmas themed birthday for awhile. He deserves the loving :)

    Abigail-The cupcakes were made by a mommy who runs a little cake business. I was glad to hear that :)

  7. Happy 2nd birthday Andrew. Love the party-cute cute.

    Would love for you to check out my blog and follow. Let me know and Ill follow back

    Cant wait

  8. This is awesome! Happy Birthday! Love all these pictures!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  9. that IS cool!!

    its a two for 1! ;)

    decorating christmas tree decorations...awesome. i want to do it!


  10. I love Andrew's face during "Happy Birthday"!

  11. Happy 2nd birthday little Andrew! Looks like such a nicely decorated party. Makes me excited to plan my baby's December birthday next year.

  12. Thanks for all of his birthday wishes :)