Monday, December 12, 2011

Blog Gift Swap

This was my first time participating in a blogger swap! We don't do many presents and gift giving at Christmas, so I thought this idea sounded fun and would be a different experience. Anyway, I was paired with Britney from J&M's Eye Candy. She's a sweet mommy of two and has a pretty cool blog :) She sent me:
1. French manicure kit
2. Glitter and dark blue nail polish
3. Jeweled compact mirror
4. Mini eyeshadow kit
Thanks Britney! I loved everything. Can't wait to do my nails :)


  1. How fun! Love the nail colors. wish I participated!

  2. ahhh! so much fun!! It's especially fun to get new makeup & nailpolish around the holidays...with all the parties :)

  3. I haven't seen a pretty blue color like that yet, LOVE it! :) Cute blog, new follower!!

  4. oh nice that french mani kit looks legit! You'll have to show us how they turn out. Thanks so much for particpating in our swap. Turned out to be a success!!!

  5. Are you up for it??? Because I'm hosting an Accessory Swap over at my place. Come check it out!

  6. You got some great gifts! That french manicure kit is exactly what I need :)

  7. love your blog..

    come check out mine sometime...and if youd like lets follow each other..

    Cassandras world

  8. i LOVE the dark blue nail polish, so wintery add the glitter for a holiday touch!

  9. Ooh let me know how those french tips work for you! always wondered if those worked haha :)