Friday, December 30, 2011

Goals for 2012

Here were my goals for last year with an update on how I did. I didn't complete everything on my list, but I did add to the list over the year. These are my goals for 2012:

-Have Andrew fully potty trained Still going well at home, now I need to venture out   

-Work on my landscape/nature photography I'll get practice on this trip we're taking.  
Needs more practice

-Read at least 4 books This one is on my list 

-Start up a work out routine to tone up 
 I did the Tupler Technique!

-Get a couch for our formal living room I have my eye on this one in white by PB
See it here! 

-Get our bed and bath painted
Still have to pick a color and commit

-Paint our study and create a gallery wall 
See it here!

-Reach 300 "likes" on my photography page
See here!

 Get a full frame camera
Love it!

 Start a website for my photography business
See it here! 

-Recycle more We recycle a lot, but I'd like to focus on recycling paper and small objects

-Transition Andrew from a crib to bed
Super easy transition

-Cut back on the time I spend online 
Needs more work, always will....

-Have Chris finish his MBA
He did!

-Learn to cook more meatless meals
Learned about a lot of new meals
-Install knobs on our kitchen cabinets
Need to do 

-Create an even better photo book for this new year You can view the one for this year here
See it here!

-Reach 100 followers on this old blog 
Thank you to all my followers! 


  1. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!!

  2. Pretty good! I want to make a list too so I can look back on it next year and try to keep it!

  3. Good Goals! Reading more is something I want to do too! Once we have our own place, I will be adding painting, knobs, furniture finds and the like to my list!
    Best of luck completing your goals! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. Such great resolutions. I LOVE that couch. Hope you and your family have a great new year. :) It's been so nice getting to know you via the blog world. :)

  5. Excellent goals! I've got to make some goals of my own :)

  6. LOVE that you called them "goals," rather than resolutions. i'm using that this year- the idea of resolutions seems like a set-up for failure to me, where just having goals does not. thanks! :)

  7. Nice job! So did Chris finish, then? And how are the meatless meals coming? Jon and I do a lot of those. And Susie just gave me "Super Natural Every Day" -- great cookbook!

  8. Wow. Ok I just figured out that these are for 2012. The first sentence confused me I thought these were the 2011 goals with commentary. Sorry! Haha.