Thursday, December 1, 2011

Turkey Day '11

I don't want to bore anyone with another Thanksgiving post almost a week late, so I'll just keep this short and sweet. We spent Thanksgiving at my parents. The kids were being a handful that morning, so Chris suggested leaving for their house as soon as possible so everyone can help out with the kids! He's funny. 
   I had to post this one because it's typical of how pictures with the kids go: Christopher's in his own world, Andrew wants to take off, Evie crying :0 The picture fun continued at my parents....
Ahh, the life of a younger brother...I don't think I've mentioned this on my blog, but Evangeline cries more than any of the other baby we've had. She's been sleeping through the night though since 6 weeks, so I'm not complaining (I literally think she exhausts herself from crying all day).  
The food was yummy and pretty traditional. The sweet potatoes were my fave. What's your favorite dish?
There was football for the guys and Kinect dancing for the girls (no controllers needed).
It was a lovely holiday and we still got to enjoy leftovers because I made a turkey breast (which I got for free) and all the trimmings the day before for our family :) Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Haha! That first picture is priceless. I love it.

  2. The turkey is my favorite! I made a breast for us the day before too, we just finished our leftovers yesterday. The pic of you with the kids is priceless...captures them each as they are now. Oh my goodness, I think it's so awesome your Mom has turkey plates. Are they special for Thanksgiving?


  3. Ok, how did you get a turkey breast for free? Jon and I made one too, stuffed with cranberry stuffing. My fave dish is stuffing -- I love the pic of the stuffing in the blue-and-white dish! (My my mom just gave me a set of blue-and-white china for my engagement. :))

  4. Also, if you hadn't started blogging, I never would have. Without that I'd never have found the great support of infertility bloggers, so I awarded you a Liebster award for that. Check out my blog for details.

  5. Sounds like you have your hands full! For Evie's crying, I would try a Moby wrap (ask around...they're about $40, so try one out first). Elliott has gone through waves with it, but lately he's been cranky because of his teeth, and he is comforted by being held...much to my back's dismay. Right now, he's in the wrap and fast asleep. If you already have one, but found she didn't like it, try again. It's more a confidence issue with the wearer, rather than the baby.

  6. Ania- Thanks for the award I will have to check it out. I read and went to comment on your blog the other day, but the kids were crazy so it didn't post. My mom got the turkey plates a few years ago because she didn't have enough matching dishes for Thanksgiving.

    Abigail- I want to see pics! What a great gift! My MIL got us dishes for our wedding, but I just got plain white. Now that I see my mom's I wish I had done white and blue, so romantic.

    Megan-Never heard of that, I'm going to google it now!

  7. Your kids are so beautiful! Looks like a great Thanksgiving. Kinect games are so much fun!

  8. Also I got the turkey breast for free with my grocery reward card (the one they give you for your key chain). If you shop enough, you gain points for a free ham, turkey or lasagna.