Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas 2011

Our Christmas tree is on the curb, the decorations have long been packed away...I wanted to enjoy every minute that Chris had off over the holidays, so I took a break from blogging and the internet. After the new year, it was back to work and playing "catch up" with a million things. Then beginning new year goals. I apologize for being so late with a Christmas post, but I figured it would be nice to reminisce anyway ;)

Here was our Christmas tree a Silver Fir. We spent Christmas Eve with my family. Food, church and some presents. 
 My mom's Christmas tree.
 Christopher and Andrew were so into traditions this year. When we got home Christopher wanted to "write" Santa a letter and leave him cookies and milk and a carrot "for Rudolph." Chris read them 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. 
 It was this girl's FIRST Christmas :)
We opened presents from "Santa" at our house on Christmas morning. The kids slept till 7:30am that morning, not bad.
Christmas dinner was spent with Chris' side of the family in Lancaster. We ended up spending a few days visiting. Christopher wanted to sleep with his one night Gran and as I predicted fell out of bed in the morning with a bad bloody nose. Andrew got his hands on a snow globe while there. All I heard was glass smash and saw water. I was terrified that he got really hurt or ruined the hardwood floor, but it was okay. That was our Christmas drama:0 I hope everyone involved with those incidents learned their lessons (hint: Chris).
MIL's tree
Anyone have some funny/dramatic Christmas stories from past or present? 


  1. You had a real christmas tree! Hopefully that dream of mine will come true someday:)
    You took some amazing shots of christmas! xoxo

  2. Christopher's wanting to leave a carrot is adorable!

  3. Gorgeous photos! We had an incident like that with a snow globe when the lads were younger:)

  4. So glad you didnt forget about the reindeer! So sweet to leave a carrot. I LOVE THOSE WINE GLASSES

  5. Evie is precious! Your Christmas looked enjoyable!! Hope that you get caught up with you "to-do's" quickly and easily.

  6. Oh my goodness those photos are goooorgeous! Looks like you had a great Christmas! :):) The one story that comes to mind for me is the year that our cat had been missing for a few days and on Christmas morning, we looked out and he was sitting on our back deck! A big ole black puffball in the middle of feet of snow.... it was everyone's favorite gift that year! :)

  7. It's not the holidays without some sort of fiasco or drama ;) Love all the CHristmas decor and photos. I can't believe the kids slept til 7:30!!!

  8. Pretty, pretty pictures! I don't take great pictures so often times I just skip it altogether. But I'm sure kids will change that. :) And your littlest one is just precious. (They all are, really.)

  9. These photos are so precious and honestly very beautiful.

    Minted Magazine


  10. I love the boy's slippers!!!! They are precious! Traditions are so much fun; I'm glad Christopher and Andrew are getting into them! It makes the memories all the more sweet!

    As for disasters...Jared received a Swiss Army knife...the really dull one for when he goes fishing and he cut himself within seconds. White shirt = stained forever. Aunts were freaking out. I was in shock. He was more embarrassed than anything.

  11. so gorgeous. the tree looks amazing and those slippers are too cute. adore this post. if you get a second, I'd love to hear what you think of my Gossip Girl inspired look. xo


  12. our tree is still sitting in our living room. it's pretty dead. i'm just that pathetic and don't want to throw it out. don't tell anyone though.

  13. VERY beautiful pictures! i love the one of sweet baby girl looking at the camera... looks BEAUTIFUL!