Sunday, January 15, 2012

Deep Frying Adventures

We've had a deep fryer sitting in a kitchen cabinet for almost 5 years (it was a wedding present) and never used it till this weekend. It started out simply, we wanted to make French fries. After cleaning it, setting it up and using almost 3 bottles of oil to fill it, we made fries. 
Then we realized we didn't want to just waste the oil, so I googled fried chicken recipes and tried this one.
I'll be honest though I have mixed feelings about the machine. If it wasn't gift, I would have never purchased one. I'm really into eating healthy and try to avoid fried food. It also took about 3 bottles of oil to use it. Disposing of the oil is something we haven't figured out yet either since you can't pour it down a drain (suggestions?). It does yield very good results however and is easy to use/clean. Just my 2 cents :)

Now I want to give these a try....We did and so good! They tasted crunchy on the outside, similar to funnel cake and were like a warm Oreo on the inside.
Any other suggestions on what to deep fry while I have the oil?  


  1. Fried shrimp or fried broccili, zuchini and fried fish!! Yum.

  2. Jason and I got a small deep fryer with wedding gift cards, and we love it! We did finally put it away so we can eat better, but we made all kinds of great stuff. Fried oreos are delish, as are fried brownies. There is a specific type of batter to make for those.

    To get rid of the oil (we hate wasting it too), pour it carefully into an empty soda or drink bottle. It gets sealed, but then you can throw it away in the regular trash. Hope that helps!

  3. Yum, I would love some fried chicken right now!

  4. My dad just saves the oil and reuses it a time or two. That normally uses most of the oil and it saves money! =)

  5. One time when I was little my sister and I were playing a game where we would hide stuffed animals around the house. I went into the kitchen and saw the deep fryer. Not knowing what it was I stuck my little bunny rabbit in it. He came out all greasy and I tried to save him by washing him a million times but he still smelled and I had to through him out!

    That fried chicken does look really good!

  6. i usually pour fat from bacon into a mug, let it harden up, then scoop it into the trash- don't know if that might work w/real oil, not fat/grease! wow, your deep-frying projects looked fun, though! :)

  7. I dream of the day I have a deep fryer! I love mozzarella sticks, so it would be great to make them all the time from home. Looks so tasty, MJ!