Saturday, January 14, 2012

Whirlwind Week

This week has been so crazy! It started off with the kids getting over colds. Early in the week Andrew and Evangeline went to the pediatrician for their well check ups. The doctor found that Andrew had double ear infections (he wasn't running a fever and acting fine, so I had no idea) and that Evangeline is hovering around 10-11lbs at 3 months :( I'm still breastfeeding her, so it's hard to tell if she's not getting enough from me or not a big eater.

Duke had dental surgery. He fractured a back tooth (a common injury for dogs that like to pull) and it needed to be removed. It cost around $200. I felt so bad because afterward he seemed in a lot of pain. Our car also had it's 30,000 mi check up which cost about $200 too. Ugh, so many bills :/

This morning Andrew woke up covered in spots. I was so scared it was Chicken Pox! The doctor was supposed to vaccinate him for Chicken Pox (Varicella) at his appointment, but couldn't since he had ear infections. Turns out the spots were caused by the antibiotic for the ear infections. The antibiotic cleared the infection and his own body was also producing antibodies to the infection, so he had too many antibodies causing the rash. Nothing serious, just discontinued the medication.

I've been sticking to my work out routine of Pilates and can honestly say I despise, dislike, dread, HATE Pilates! I don't mind any other form of exercise, but Pilates are the worst. I'm sticking to them though because I don't want to lose anymore weight, so I need something that just targets the core. Other recommendations would be great! Hope everyone had a better week than me :0


  1. Wow busy week!
    Ugh I hate added bills like that!
    I have found that my favorite workout is boot camp classes at the YMCA! Combo of core/cardio with different workouts each time. Love it!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. I hope everyone gets better soon! I think everything always happens at the same time in January!! bills, sickness etc.. Roll on Spring:)

  3. Oh Lord. This post makes me sad. Sick kiddos and extra bills aren't fun. I hope the kids get better soon.

    As for workouts that don't make you lose weight (and aren't pilates), I'd recommend a medicine ball workout from walmart or yoga. Both focus more on core tone and muscle building. The med ball workout I do is 30 minutes and cost me less than $20. I will try to find the link to it.

  4. I wonder what DVD you're using? I love the 10 minute solutions DVDs (slim and sculpt is my current fave). Totally doable and very, very cheap on Amazon!

  5. I found some nice pilates vids on Netflix, if you don't mind doing it in front of the computer. I HATED pilates the first time I tried it, when I was very, very out of shape (NOT saying you are!). But then I started with yoga and worked my way up to pilates and that helped a ton. I appreciate the poses more, and find I know what I'm doing or supposed to be feeling. That said, I'm no pro. And it's not for everyone!