Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Daily Schedule

I'm always interested in people's daily lives so I figured I'd share ours :)

-7am everyone is up, including weekends because my kids don't know the difference

-Make beds, boys take off their pj's (by themselves), Christopher dresses himself, Chris dresses Andrew and I dress Evangeline

-7:15am Breakfast for everyone

-7:45am Chris leaves for work

-8:30am I leave to teach Mon-Thurs (the kids come with me)

-9am-3pm I teach

-3:30pm we get home, let out Duke, I take something out for dinner

-4:30 I cook dinner. I cook dinner close to all 7 days of the week. We very rarely eat out. Here and there I will do a frozen entree or something quick like sandwiches, but we eat at home for nearly every meal. 

- 5:30 Chris gets home and we eat dinner as a family

-6pm we clean up dinner and the kids play

-6:30pm the kids get a bath, brush teeth, read bedtime story, pray and are in bed by 7pm

-7pm I walk Duke while Chris completes homework or works out

-8-10pm I do photography work, catch up on reading or blogging, watch TV and then head to bed

That's our daily day! I don't work Fridays, so that day is spent food shopping, doing a little fun activity with the kids, laundry and housework.


  1. I have to work from home a lot, in that I do lesson plans, grading, etc. after I get home from work and J goes to work. How do you teach and have the kids with you? How do you get the time to do what you need to do? Midterms are coming and I need advice. :)

  2. Unfortunately I don't have a very good set schedule right now because of all my classes but after the wedding I hope to have a similar set schedule I find that having one keeps me more organized. Right now I write lists each week of everything I have to do and that keeps me on track during the week.


  3. I like hearing about people's lives and schedules too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Eating dinner together as a family is so important!

  5. You guys sure are busy! That's cute you all get up together. Does your mom watch the kids while you teach?

  6. Megan-A lot of things get done when the kids nap or are in bed :/ Christopher & Andrew are really independent now so that helps. I tend to schedule my day by, what I can get done while the kids are up and what I can't.

    Abby-Yes, but the boys are pretty good. They like sitting at the table and drawing or coloring or just hang...strange, but I'm not complaining! :0

  7. Wow, very nice! It is strange, but it shows that you've taught them well. If they don't need to be entertained every second of the day, they'll be more creative and less needy as they get older. :) I really wish I could teach in a small group setting like you do.