Friday, February 3, 2012

The "Mummy Tummy"

The "mummy tummy," "muffin top," "beer belly" or whatever you want to call it that is left over after you have a baby can be more than just stubborn fat. I lost all the baby weight a few months ago, I've been eating right and doing Pilates like crazy, but I couldn't seem to get rid of the tummy. I knew something was wrong. My stomach flattened quickly after the first two. I researched and figured out what was wrong. I think I've stretched my abdominal muscles, something called Diastasis Recti. It's VERY common condition. If you've had more than one pregnancy or a big baby, chances are you have it and Pilates, Yoga or traditional core workouts will make it worse.
Gross, but this is what happens to the muscles
-You can do a simple test at home to see if you have it here.

-There's a splint and workout program called The Tubler Technique to heal stretched ab muscles. I plan on starting it once I get the approval from my doctor.

-This mom of 4 is a huge inspiration for a flat tummy! Check out her belly pics after baby number 4 with using the Tubler technique.

-You can prevent it by wearing a Bella Band or other product during and after pregnancy, especially 4-6 weeks after birth.

-There's a good book called Lose Your Mummy Tummy that discuses this problem in depth.

-Stop any core exercises and only do traverse abdominal exercise. These ones were good and simple.

-Posture and bending down has to be done a certain way (found here) to prevent further damage.

-You should fix the problem (close the gap) before each new pregnancy.

I'll keep everyone updated and possibly post before and after belly pics once I get started with this new Tubler exercise program. I am relieved to know that it's something that can be fixed WITHOUT plastic surgery and I'm determined to do it! I'm only 25 and I'm not giving up on my body and settling for "Oh you look good for having 3 kids." I want people to see me and not believe that I've had 3 kids :0


  1. Good to know, thanks for sharing!!

  2. oh, thanks! i've lost the weight too, but i'm flabby.


  3. Thanks for posting this. I so need to work on it.

  4. Go for it, girl! Good luck! I hope all the tumbler exercises work for you and that your doctor gives the go ahead ASAP.

  5. thanks for sharing...i need to look into this. i don't struggle loosing my weight, but toning up is always a problem. i'm with you though. not ready to just settle.

  6. Wow. That's a shame that you strained yourself but thankfully you did your homework to figure it out. Hope you're not in any pain and you get in the shape you want to! This is good to know for (far-in-the) future reference!

  7. Just checked out that woman's blog, and holy cow! She looks amazing! And I know you'll have that amazing body back soon too!

  8. I did the test last night to see how bad my abs are. Luckily I'm only 1 finger. I thought I'd be worse. I'll have to read more about this tonight after zumba!