Monday, February 20, 2012

Tupler Technique: Week 2

I just completed week one of the program and so far, so good. There are exercises every morning, afternoon and evening, but it only takes a few minutes. You wear a splint all day, every day. It's annoying, but not too uncomfortable. The rest of the program is PT techniques like getting in and out of bed correctly, bending down right, etc. The purpose being to not cause any more damage.

I've noticed a small change in my upper and lower tummy. The gap doesn't seem as deep or wide in those areas, but it seems unchanged where it's the widest at by my belly button. This is normal apparently as it takes longest to improve the area that needs the most work. Overall, I'm very pleased for only a week in. I've been sticking to the program religiously. I'll take my measurements and post them after I complete this week!  

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  1. Congratulations!! Seeing improvements, even the smallest ones, are motivational! Good luck!