Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Car

Chris got a new car yesterday, the Honda Fit. I was glad he could get something new for himself. He's always so good to us and me especially when it comes to gifts. This was his early birthday gift ;)
We wanted a car that was new, cheap, small, and had good fuel eco since he commutes to Philly every day.
We used the money from his trade in, part of our tax return and a little of our savings to get the car. We got it for an awesome price! Chris did online and phone negotiating to get the car for much less than the asking price (which was low to begin with).
When we went to fill out the paperwork for the car we had to sign a credit report. The dealer said, "I'd thought you be a little interested in your score." Apparently, it was close to 800!
So that's a little tour of his car. Hoping it lasts as long as his Saturn! What was the reason you chose your current car(s)?


  1. Nice! We love our Hondas! Have a CRV and a Civic. They last forever and get great gas mileage!

  2. We have a Mazda 3, which we had to buy about a year and a half ago when I totaled our old trusty Impala. We love this car, but if we had known Elliott was on the way, we would have looked for a Mazda with a little more room. When we have to buy a second car, we want to get a Mazda wagon.

  3. Fun! New cars are great. We have an '03 Honda Civic (my old car but now Steve drives it), and a new 2012 Subaru Outback. Now that we have the Outback, we'll never go 'back! Haha... it's been such an amazing car in so many ways. Steve's always been a faithful Subaru owner... and we traded in our old '03 one for $2000 despite it having a worthless, broken engine! It has the space of an SUV, and but one might consider it more of a wagon. It's great in the snow, too. My favorite feature of the Outback is the Bluetooth in the steering wheel paired with our Phones. We just have to say, "Call Steve", and it does - and comes through the radio clear as day! So no more worries about cell talking while driving (even though we try to do it sparingly regardless.)

  4. I've only purchased one new car and it was a 2009 Scion tC, but I wasn't able to bargain shop much because scions are (or were) a fixed price vehicle. I absolutely love a new car, but I doubt I will ever buy brand new again. Gently used is the way I see myself going in the future.

    I love your Fit!

    1. Yes, I've done certified pre-owned before and was pleased. This car was cheaper than pre-owned, so good deal!

  5. Fun!

    When I graduated I bought a Honda civic for the space and fuel economy. I LOVE it and can't say a bad thing about Hondas in general. My Chris' saturn is another story...I despise it and can't wait until we can replace it with something else.