Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Western Caribbean Cruise [Ship]

I'm so embarrassed that I'm this late with posting about our trip! The end of the school year is so busy for me with work, then my sister got married and we all were in the wedding (another post), and I've been averaging 2-3 photography sessions per week. I have been stopping in to read other posts though!

First up I'll give you a little tour of our cruise ship, Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas.
The food and food displays on board are amazing. I'll have a separate food post :)
Mini golf course on deck. All of the activities on board are included, so you can do them as much as you like.
 Slash zone!
 Theater where they put on shows every night.
 Me on deck :)
 Gym on board wish we had gotten a chance to try the boxing!
 Pharaoh's Palace which is like an exclusive club
 Mall area
Ice skating rink. We saw a show here and ice skated too!
I tried rock climbing for the first time. I did the beginner and medium level course. 
 Went to the hot tubs at night and lounged by the pools during the day
 Our room :) Chris is a platinum member of Royal Caribbean, so we got free robes and other perks. 
 To save a little, we got an interior room. There's no window or balcony facing the ocean, but I liked it a lot.
This picture makes me laugh. No one can ever get a picture of us in focus with my camera, so when a girl from Texas with a strong accent, cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other approached us to take our picture I was expecting a good laugh at the result. She got a good one! Still shocked. More to come...... 


  1. Love the pic of you laying on bed....very pretty!

  2. That trip looks AMAZING! I can't wait for when me and the hubby get a chance to go on a nice long tropical vacation somewhere! For some reason I am a little nervous to go on a cruise but they also seem like SO much fun!

  3. You took some awesome photos, as always. Seriously, every pic you take is so clear and colorful. Glad you guys had a good time. Can't wait to see pics of your sisters wedding! :)

  4. Fantastic pictures! That trip looks like it was so much fun!