Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Western Caribbean Cruise [Food]

I decided to do a separate food post because there was so much to talk about and show! :0 With Royal Caribbean you pay ahead of time per head and everything is included in that price, except alcohol (which was fine with us since we don't drink).  
Breakfast and lunch are buffet and amazing. Every good food you can think of...
Did I mention you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner as many times as you want? Oh yes, you can revisit :)
Tomato tortilla soup
Beef filet
Chocolate cherry cake
Dinner is sit down in the dining room and very formal. You have an assistant waiter, waiter, and head waiter. 
Shrimp cocktail 
Prime rib
Warm chocolate cake
There is one "smart casual" attire night (good pants, dress shoes, dress) and two formal nights (evening gown, suit, tuxedo). They are pretty strict about the attire and people abide by it which was surprising considering how relaxed people dress these days. It was so neat to see all the gowns on formal night.
Beef broth
Cesar salad
Shrimp stuffed ravioli appetizer
The appetizer above was too die for. The waiter insisted we try it and I was hesitant, but it was out of this world! You can sample as many appetizers and main dishes as you would like at dinner. With all the courses, dinner usually took an hour to an hour and a half each night.
Chicken consomme
Mushroom topped croissant
Lobster tail and shrimp
They de-shell the lobster for you and service is white glove. If you don't want a sit down dinner, you have the option of going to the buffet at night. The buffet had different themed food nights like Mexican, Asian, etc. We usually went to the buffet a few hours after dinner to check it out and take a snack back to our room ;) Room service is also FREE.
Chocolate trilogy
Cherries jubilee
I'll end by saying the food quality is unmatched and one of the reasons we travel through Royal Caribbean. It's "old world" service and dining. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and hope to take another smaller cruise in a few years with the kids :)


  1. Lovely photos! Delicious food and I have enjoyed looking back over your other cruise posts also:)

  2. So when I saw the bacon heap, I imagined your Chris diving right in, lol. Funny about the tuxedoes. Does Chris own one or did you have to rent for the trip?

    1. Ania, you know him too well :0 Suits are acceptable, so he wore his.

  3. Super jealous of your vacay! I would love a cruise right about now!

  4. That looks amazing. I have heard of people gaining like 10 lbs on cruises because the food is so good, ha! Sounds fun that they do a formal night!

  5. OK, I just ate.... but now for some reason, I am ready to eat again! YUM!

  6. I too am drooling. I never think to take photos of the food, but why not? Especially when it's that amazing!