Monday, July 2, 2012

Western Caribbean Cruise [Grand Cayman]

Grand Cayman was interesting. It was the only island where the boat didn't dock, it lets down anchor and you have to board a tender (small ferry type boat) to reach shore. Here's one of them...
 They had these decorative pirate ships at sea which made for neat pictures.
 The island is very upscale and expensive. It's main business is banking and tourism. We stopped at this shopping center and had some time, so I had Chris snap some pictures of me :)
Then we went to a Rum factory (the island is famous for rum cake) and visited a house made of shells!
We saw oceanic rock formations in a place called "Hell." I was really curious about the age of the rock, but no one could tell me for sure. Just that it was one of the most ancient rock formations discovered.
It was a very gloomy day, but we stopped at Tiki Beach.


  1. Again, love your shirt!
    LoL about the banking. I remember hearing on more than one Dateline NBC episode that a lot of people who embezzle money have offshore bank accts. there.