Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Western Caribbean Cruise [Mexico]

Cozumel, Mexico was one of my favorite islands we visited. It was so colorful and had a lot of culture. Exactly what I pictured when I thought of Mexico...
We took a tour and saw the beach above. My biggest regret of the whole trip was not buying some jewelery here. They have freshwater pearls, silver and turquoise that is nothing like I've ever seen before. SO beautiful! They had necklaces and bracelets made of it. Simply amazing... 
Our tour stopped at a Tequila factory where they were giving tons of samples, but I don't drink and hate Tequila. It was neat to see how it's made though. 
Our tour ended at a beach that is rumored to be where they film the Corona commercials. The sand was so soft and white it looked like powder! Unfortunately, it was pouring rain so I could only get a few photos from under a covered tent.
We had lunch at the beach with yummy Mexican food. We decided ahead of time to only eat on the ship as that was pre-paid and inclusive, but because of the rain we had nothing to do.
Chris had a Corona as you can see. This was our last stop on the trip :( 


  1. your pictures are incredible!! that food looks so good.. I definitely need a cruise to mexico now!

  2. Oh the food looks so yummy! I think I need to be on that beach...right now.
    Love your top in the pic!

  3. I bet the food was amazing!!! The sand was like that in the Bahamas, it was unreal.

  4. I love your striped shirt!
    Great pictures as always! Mexico seems like a colorful place to visit! Next time splurge and get the jewelry! It's totally worth it! I have some items from the islands and always get compliments!

  5. Just stumbled across your blog and I am completely envious of your cruise! You take some pretty amazing pictures! Me and my hubby are going to Mexico in a few weeks, so this post made me incredibly excited! Hope you don't me following your blog :)