Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Living Room

This room is finally finished! Remember our couch dilemma? Luckily, it came early June and we got a small discount on it. It was worth the wait at $800 and free shipping. All resources listed at the bottom of post.
I'm really pleased with how everything came together. It took about 2 years of saving and work to have everything get completed. I didn't want to settle for cheap furniture, so we got ONE piece at a time. 
The accessories were compiled from things we already had around the house.
The lamps were my Mom's, but she gave them to me since they didn't match her decor. I found new shades for them from Target. 
These Pottery Barn frames and fake flowers were free with points we earned from purchasing the couch and shelf through them. Big thanks to my MIL for letting us borrow her PB credit card (we don't own credit cards). Can you spy the tiny antique camera?

Couch: Pottery Barn
Chairs: Thomasville 
Shelf: Pottery Barn
Frames: Pottery Barn
Candle Sticks and candles: Target
Lamp shades: Target
Lamps: Re-purposed
Fake Roses: Home Goods
Glass Jar: Pottery Barn
Tiffany Boxes: Re-purposed
Antique Camera: Antique store


  1. I adore everything about this room! It looks straight out of a magazine. Jason doesn't get the appeal of a formal living room, so I doubt I'll ever have the chance to do one, but if I did, it would look a lot like this. Great job Marjorie!

  2. No way do you need any tips on this! It looks AMAZING! You are great at decorating. I am in love with the shelf and frames.

  3. I respect you for not running out and getting crap, cheap furniture just to have the room done. So many people rush to Ikea to buy cardboard furniture. No thanks.

    I don't care for your color palette - I am not a blue person at all - but I do like your wingback chairs.

    What's the plan for keeping that white couch white?? Especially with kids?

    1. Yeah, I feel the same way about Ikea! Haha!

      We have a family room that has yet to be made over where the kids play. They know they can go in the room, but can't touch anything till their older. I do plan to use this room for adults and entertaining. I dislike formal living rooms that no one is allowed in. It's meant to be lived in and nothing's perfect.

  4. I love your style! Also - amen to saving and being choosy about each piece of furniture! My husband and I feel the same way :)
    I think that way you can stay on top of clutter... clutter comes from having a lot of "stuff" that is ugly, that you don't really care about so you don't take good care of.
    By the way - i am a new follower and I lovvve your blog :)! You are such a cute mom. I always want to applaud you for shamelessly wearing bikinis. I am so glad I'm not the only mom who is comfortable doing that!
    my blog is http://beingopentolife.blogspot.com, if you are interested!

  5. Love your living room, especially the wingback chairs! We don't like buying cheapy furniture either and have gotten VERY lucky at estate sales. Slowly ours is coming together too, in time it'll be finished! I think the room looks lovely but I'm not sure I like the rustic shelf and frames. I think they're nice (hello, PB of course!) but not sure it fits the classic look of the rest of the room? I think a beautiful cherry shelf like the tables with large pictures of your family or your other photography would look amazing. Then again, that's just me and I'm super matchy matchy.

    1. This is true! I didn't consider cherry shelves and PB sells them! That would have been nice. The couch is pretty casual though. It's white twill.

  6. omg. totally obsessed. Fabulous post, love! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post for LaurenConrad.com. xo


  7. You did SUCH a beautiful job! The colors all go together so well. Everything just screams class. Love it.

  8. If you want me to be perfectly honest. . .I HONESTLY thought these photos were taken from a design magazine! Those frames on that shelf are one of the most beautiful displays I've EVER seen in a room. I LOVE the colour on the walls, and you have selected the most beautiful accessories, like those candlesticks and that vase with the Tiffany boxes in it. This is exactly my style for room decor, and it is just so GORGEOUS!

    xo Jenny

  9. love it,follow you :D

  10. So pretty! I've been following your blog for a while and I think your house is lovely! I think the mix of the distressed shelf and the cherry is interesting...the mix of styles is so fashionable right now. My husband and I just bought our first home and I can't wait to start decoration it as well! On a side note-I went to Desales (class of '09) so it was a fun surprise to see some alums pop up in your photos from time to time!

  11. I love this room!
    I doubt I will ever have a room that looks like this because I have a slightly different style, but I really think you did a wonderful job at decorating it! Good job waiting! That's not easy.

  12. The room is certainly beautiful and I'm a sucker for that specific shade of blue! Also, I didn't realize just how tiny that camera was! On instagram it looks so much bigger!

  13. A beautiful room! I especially like the toile chairs. I love the formal but pretty look that they give.

    I tend to disagree about cheap furniture though. I'm fine with my $25 thrift store wooden frame couch -- it works!
    I do know what you mean though...I'd rather either get very cheap/free/used or NICE...not spend a couple hundred for mediocre stuff. :)
    (although we are only trying to furnish a small apartment, so we can't do without a place to sit in the way you could.)

    1. Repurposed furniture is different. I'm amazed at the talent some people have to redo or reuse old furniture! I guess what I meant was places like Ikea, Target, Walmart that sell furniture. To me that's just painted cardboard.

  14. I agree with the no cheap furniture, at least not for the staple pieces. Our basement and living room have the staples so we are done for now. It's so hard not to just splurge and get stuff all at once. I'm excited to do our nursery though!

  15. WOW!! this room is amazing!!! love it!!

  16. I admire your ability to save up and delay your projects in order to get good quality. This post makes me delighted for you and homesick for me because it makes me even more want to run back home and decorate my home. Even though I am right now typing on a target desk and have several "furniture" pieces from Target, I agree that Target/ ikea furniture is painted cardboard and actually many can have toxins in them from the plywood glue. I am torn in our furniture buying presently because of our military moving. A couple of pieces were significantly damaged :(

    I LOVE the formal style of this room. It is just as lovely in person. I adore your wooden tables. I am really a furniture person. To me I enjoy having utilitarian items (tables, desks, salt and pepper shakers) be pretty and stand alone beautiful if possible rather than just putting a figurine on a blah piece of furniture.

    I am usually not a fan of artificial flowers, yet I do like the piece you have. I really like your candle stick holders and white candles.

    Of all the pieces in the room, I was most surprised by the level of shabby chic in the wall art.

    You did a wonderful job! Do you have any future plans of adding any more texture to the room by way of doorway molding or crown molding?