Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Sister's Wedding

I'm sure most of my readers know my sister and her blog Petchie's Blogbook. She was married June 9, 2012! It was a beautiful day and I was able to snap a few pictures (she had an amazing photographer) alongside of fulfilling my bridesmaids duties. 
Our Lady of Perpetual Help rosaries her namesake
Her dress was Eve of Milady
The day went perfectly, almost too smoothly... although I was really disappointed with my hair stylist and had to nearly redo all my hair after leaving the salon. The anxiety that caused! Once that was handled everything carried on well. I think I fixed it okay...wish I had more time. Can you spot which accessory was re-used from the last family wedding? :)
My boys were the ring bearers! They looked so cute! And yes, I re-used their suits from my other sister's wedding last year:)
After the ceremony at the church, things took a turn. I went to change Evangeline's diaper and realized my diaper bag wasn't in our car. Maybe we left it at my parent's house? Backtrack there and nothing. Head to bridal party portraits at Longwood Gardens and I go to get my tickets out of my purse and realize, my purse is also gone! It was at that point I figured out that my purse (brand new bag) and Dooney & Burke diaper bag (expensive) must have been stolen from my car during the wedding! I'm not even going to go into the details of the headaches this caused before the reception. EVERYTHING we needed for ourselves and the kids was gone and we were out of state and spending the night.
LOVE the picture above! My sister and younger siblings with my kids :)
Filet Mignon with crab cake
Dessert room
The reception was at the DuPont Hotel in Wilmington, DE. It was amazing and such a great, old traditional hotel. We stayed the night in the hotel and it was wonderful! They have soaking tubs in every room and giant old windows.
Perfect day :) To view more pictures from the day check out my facebook page, MJ Photography under "Perpetua and Matt's Wedding."


  1. I've been dying to see these pictures since I knew you would do an amazing job! I'm so sorry to hear that your purse and diaper bag were stolen. That's terrible!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the post! I really like that picture of me on the grass too! It was so nice!


  3. these are such beautiful pictures! She was a gorgeous bride, her wedding just looks so pretty!

  4. Another beautiful wedding! Sorry to hear about your setback.

  5. How awful your stuff was stolen! Everything looked beautiful though!

  6. Beautiful! Sorry about the emergency with your purse. That can feel violating. Especially when you have little ones depending on you.

  7. you guys have amazing genes. you are all so very beautiful. i'm sure inside and out. thanks for sharing!