Monday, July 16, 2012

The D800 Story

Yes, the D800. The new Nikon full frame D800 camera :) On a dark night in February, I secretly and nervously pressed the "add to cart" button from B&H Photo. It was considered a "pre-order" then, a word I later came to hate. I follow a Nikon rumor page and rumor had it that it was up for "pre-order;" meaning that you could pay for it and be put on a waiting list till it came in stock....little did I know then, how long the wait would be! 

I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it once it arrived. The logistics of everything had my head spinning. How I would pay for it, what memory cards it would take, what gear would be compatible with it, and what I would do with my current camera?

Luckily, it took a VERY long time for it come in "stock." Like 5 MONTHS! I paid if off quickly with photography work (I would never and have never used our family money or savings for photography gear). After a few months passed, I got anxious and began calling stores to get on their waiting lists. One store told me 2 weeks.

Fast forward to my sister's wedding. I get the call I'm waiting for! The camera will be coming in the next day and the guy was risking his job to call me in secret and make sure I called my bank and had adequate funds. If you don't have the funds in your account, they don't notify you and just move to the next person on the waiting list. At my sister's wedding my purse got stolen, along with my debit card. The debit card I used to purchase the camera! The debit card and order were cancelled and back to the bottom of the waiting list! I could not believe it.

A month passed. Then this past Monday, I got a call from another store I forgot about. I had put my name on their waiting list in May and they had ONE camera left in store. If I could make it to Delaware by 5pm that night it was mine. I made it and the next chapter begins... :)