Monday, August 13, 2012

MBA and Money

I have no idea why I never blogged about this. The last two years Chris has been in school for his MBA. We've been putting him through school with every penny of our own money. He's been working full time and three part-time jobs to make it happen. I work full time and of course have my part-time photography business. 

It's been difficult. There were many long nights when I got back from work to care for the kids alone. Many missed trips since he had class. Lots of things we put on hold so we could make the tuition bill. Worry about test scores and finishing papers on time. Job searching, so he could put his education to use.  

Schools give very few loans or student aid for grad school. Money has been tight, but okay with all our part time work. About a year and half into the program he made the move from youth ministry to accounting. Want to know a secret? In a few weeks he will be starting a new job and finishing his MBA! He got his "dream" job for now. Actually he got the job at the beginning of this year, but we decided to keep it quiet till his current job was notified.

He'll have to quit his part-time work and the new health benefits are going to be terrible. A high deductible plan. I pray we have NO accidents or sicknesses or anything! Money is going to be even tighter once he starts. We're determined to focus on paying back his grad loans (our college loans are paid off thank goodness!) and building our savings for the next two years while he gets his CPA. This means no big house projects or anything "extra."  

I've been stressing about all of it. How we're going to do it and all the "what ifs" with health care. We have our longer term plan, so as long as we stick to that with no surprises we'll be okay. Hoping and praying.