Friday, August 31, 2012

Wisdom Teeth

Had my wisdom teeth out this Monday. I know, I'm pretty old to be finally getting them done! They were fully in and not impacted, so it was a hard decision. They didn't need to come out. My dentist recommended it since they could cause me problems later in life and I was also getting frequent headaches.

Since they were fully in, the oral surgeon decided to remove them as a normal extraction with local anesthesia. If there's one thing I'm terrified of it's needles! One of the reasons I avoided epidurals with my kids was the fear of that huge needle. Getting numbed was such a gross feeling. That huge yellow stick in the picture above is a needle. It literally goes from the side of your mouth to the center. Ugh!

The extractions were quick and not painful. The surgeon decided no stitches since there wasn't much bleeding. I wasn't in much pain afterward. It really was not that bad. I did have swelling, but not too much pain.


  1. You are lucky that it went so well! I had mine out and ended up throwing up (like I always do from anesthesia) and I couldn't brush my teeth b/c of the stitches. Glad it went well!

  2. i just had mine out last december! the whole thing was just kinda yucky to me. you are lucky you did not have much bleeding. my least favorite part was the first day, where I had gauze in my mouth for the bleeding. that was so so disgusting to me.

    aren't you glad it's done with??!!

  3. I got mine out a year ago. Same story. Not impacted. Just got my mouth numbed. I swelled. No issues aside from the fact that I had 4 huge roots in each tooth. It's unheard of in girls, but it was just my luck. I drove home and was functioning the next day.

    I'm glad it was a smooth experience for you.