Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I still can't believe I have a four year old! I know people hear parents say that all the time..."I can't believe I have a ___ year old." Well, it's different when you are the parent. You can't believe your baby isn't a baby anymore :)
We ended up having a bunch of little parties for him this year. My parents had a little party for him, my MIL had one at her house, and we had cupcakes for him on his actual birthday.
This was the first year, he didn't want a Thomas & Friends birthday. I know shocking. He still likesThomas, but he's obsessed likes Cars more.
I took him out for a few birthday pictures. I asked him where he wanted his pictures taken and what he wanted to wear. He ended up wanting to go to his favorite park and wearing his new clothes he got for his birthday, despite it being too hot out.
Not the location I would have chosen, but I'm sure I'll never forget these photos. Something about them just sums up what I would picture a 4 yr old requesting ;) 


  1. he's gonna be a heartbreaker with those big blue eyes. and i love that he picked his new clothes to wear. so handsome!

  2. It goes too fast! I think the pics are great!

  3. gosh he is a beautiful boy!! I can't imagine how it would feel to have a 4 year old!! Love how you are celebrating each milestone so beautifully. I only wish I had your camera skills!

  4. These pictures are adorable! It looks like a great location for pre-school aged pictures. I'm amazed with how fast E is growing up, so four will probably be a real trip.

  5. I think they are perfect pictures!!! He probably felt like such a big boy being able to pick the location and his outfit! You're such a good mama!