Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday iPhone Pics

Birthday plans are under way for this little ONE....

At the young age of almost one, she is already a nurse and dog walker! Impressed?


  1. Wait, when is her exact birth date?! I swear just yesterday I was reading your birth story on her and anxiously awaiting my own little girl. Man time flies.

    I love that first picture of her and your handsome hubby. Very nice. And her invitations are AMAZING! I think they totally suit her. Elegant and chic.

  2. The year has flown by! Oh I love that dress!

  3. She'll be one on September 22. The party supplies were designed by the mom blogger: The Busy Budgeting Mom

  4. that first pic is so awesome! i love daddy's that carry babies. it makes my heart swoooooon!

    she is just the cutest little thing!

  5. Oh my gosh is that precious! That first picture should be entered into a photo contest! I can't believe how much she's grown too!

  6. I am sooo impressed!! I can't believe she is almost one!
    I love the invitations!! They are perfection on paper!
    I also love her little curls! :)