Friday, October 5, 2012

Evangeline's First Birthday!

I had so much fun planning a pink, shabby chic party for Evie. I also was able to support other mom owned businesses which made me happy :)
Pink ruffled cupcakes made by Via LaCour. Cupcake topper design by The Pretty Paperie (aka: The Busy Budgeting Mama). 
Got sparkling pink lemonade from Walmart for $0.80! I tried to incorporate as much pink as possible. 
"Thank You" design also by The Busy Budgeting Mama. She also designed invites and party favors :) Highly recommend her!
I had such a hard time coming up with a craft, then I saw 5 packs of mini pumpkins at Walmart for $2! Decided to have the kids paint them white and sprinkle with glitter.  
Since the party was at noon, I wanted to do a simple lunch meal. I also really wanted to keep the cost down. I made turkey and chicken Cesar salad wraps. The recipe was simple: buy ready made Cesar salad kits and just add Perdue chicken short cuts. Fast, easy and yummy. 
I knew I wanted to make these pom poms I've seen on other blogs, so I started saving up used tissue paper. I followed the instructions here, except I just stapled them to fasten. I hung them from our recessed lighting with white string.   
Here's a photo of us singing her "Happy Birthday" :) Her dress is by Will'beth and a gift from my mother-in -law.  
Unlike my other kids she never ate baby food and went right to table foods, so this was not her "first" time eating cake. Yes, she ate the ENTIRE thing :) Have a little year in review post in the works, so stay tuned!


  1. i think that ruffled cake is just about the cutest thing i've ever seen! dying! totally adorable party for your adorable girl! loved it all!

  2. WOW! You did a fantastic job! I always love your sense of style and decorating. It's so classy and timeless. Definitely using her party for inspiration for Natalie's first birthday. Thanks for letting us know where everything is from, I really appreciate it!

  3. What a wonderful party :) It looks so fantastic the cup cakes, the soda...ooh such amazing :) Greetings and all the best :) Martin

  4. How beautiful and sweet! I have been wanting to try my hand at a ruffle cake. They are so pretty. I noticed the cupcakes matched her bib exactly. Did you do the cupcakes to match it?

    1. I didn't even realize! I just saw a ruffled white cake in a magazine and wanted to do the same thing!

  5. Beautiful!!! Wow you are such a great mom!

  6. Amazing post!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! :)
    Would you like to follow each other?!! :)


  7. nice blog!!
    stop by anytime :)
    xoxo Sienna

  8. Second to last pic is my fave. It's like she knows she's getting a special treat. Happy birthday sweet girl!

  9. So much pink cuteness, adorable & economical, I love it! Her dress is so sweet.