Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Job

Everyone keeps asking me how Chris likes his new job. He started an accounting job with a "Big 4" firm in Philly about 2-3 weeks ago. The first week was orientation which went well. This week he was stationed with his clients and is learning more of the specifics about what he will be doing.

It's so funny how God takes care of the little things we worry about. Before Chris started we knew he would need a new bag or briefcase. Our budget is so tight we didn't know how we could buy one. The first week they gave him a perfect bag that he's required to carry, along with a work laptop! He always wanted a smartphone and his flip phone was ancient. They provide their employees with iPhones AND pay for the monthly plan (which is luckily with our current provider). Still have yet to use the health plan which is what I'm most concerned about.

Schedule. One of the biggest benefits of his old job was the perfect schedule. He worked 7:30am-4:30pm every day and no weekends. Already his schedule is unpredictable. He has no idea when he will be "done" for the day. Weekends luckily are still free.

He's currently taking his LAST MBA class. To say we will rejoice when he's finished, is an understatement. The work, schedule, and school payments have been so hard. Immediately following the end of his classes, he's going to be prepping hard core for the CPA. So far, so good. We are both blessed with work.


  1. so awesome about a free smart phone and services!!!!! what a score! hope his schedule settles down for you. that would be tough not knowing when daddy comes home!

    1. i know. it's not horrible though, so far. leaves around 6-7pm.

  2. Good! I am so happy to hear this. That is awesome that they are paying his phone bill every month. Schedule's not ideal but like you said at least you guys have the weekends together. :)

  3. Love that the briefcase and phone were taken care of. God is such an amazing provider!

  4. What a blessing indeed to have a job with some perks. Hope you have a celebration in mind for after he's done with his class - you Both deserve it.