Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday iPhone Pics

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-Photos of our finished room (my birthday dollars hard at work).
-Halloween presents from Gran.
-My "new" bangs! A review to come ;) 


  1. Love your gallery wall! We just did something similar a few months ago, only we don't have a canvas up. Eventually we want to get a canvas for our bedroom, but probably not any time soon...

    I LOVE your bangs! It's such a cute look on you! Did you get them cut or are they clip in?


  2. Absolutely loving the gallery wall! I have lots of ideas for ours, but haven't quite gotten to actually putting it up since it's going to be framed around our TV...

  3. Cute bangs! I had them for years and am afraid to go back b/c it took forever to grow them out.