Saturday, December 29, 2012

Office Christmas Party

Chris' new job has a HUGE office party. I heard about these parties even before he started working there and secretly wanted him to get a job with the company just so I could one day go to the Christmas party :0 This year it was at the National Constitution Center in Philly. They rent out the whole building.
My sister also works at the same company but in a different department, so she was there as well.
There was a photobooth, DJ, exhibits and different food stations. 
The photo above was a potato making station. All different kinds of potatoes and toppings. 
The theme was 1920's prohibition (weird theme if you ask me). 
Here's a look at my dress! I got it online, but forget the website. It's a Scala dress though. I loved it and wore it for Christmas as well. Now I'm plotting when I can wear it again..... :) 


  1. You guys look like movie stars! What a lovely party. :)

  2. Your dress is beautiful! And I agree... weird theme. Lol :)

  3. Looks like such a fun night! And that dress is amazing! :)

  4. that is one of the most fabulous dresses i've ever seen. you look like a movie star. you are a knock out!

  5. You looked so pretty! Was it as fun/nice as you imagined? Did you get any photobooth pictures?

    1. I did! I posted them on instagram @theblogofmj I'll text you!

  6. I've heard of those parties too! I wish my company had Christmas parties.
    Your dress is awesome!! I adore it and would totally be plotting about the next time to wear it. New Years Eve happens to be today and sparkles are totally NYE appropriate!
    Happy New Year!