Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

I'm only now getting to posting about Christmas. I wanted to enjoy EVERY moment of our 11 day vacation from our jobs with family and friends. 
Here's our tree on Christmas morning. The kitchen set was a shared gift to the kids from my parents. I love how small and study it is. So classic. Each of our kids got 2 presents from Santa and a little paint set in their stocking.
Christmas Eve we went to Mass with my family. Here's what I wore (surprised?) Linking up with Grace for what I wore! 
When we got home that night, the boys wrote a letter to Santa and left him cookies and milk. Christopher was SO into all the little traditions this year. We read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and then off to bed!
What did everyone get? Chris got an Otter Box from me for his iPhone. I got this book, a Lensbaby and this cheek highlighter I've been wanting to try. Christopher got Buzz Lightyear and a Cars boat. Andrew got Woody and Bullseye the horse. We want to keep Christmas simple and not inundate the kids with presents. They also get presents from 3 sets of grandparents and 2 great aunts, so they were quite spoiled! 
Christmas Day we headed to visit Chris' mom where the kids had a second Christmas :) We're so fortunate to have had such a nice Christmas. Note to self: I will never wrap presents in brown paper again! It was SO difficult. Tape wouldn't hold the wrapping shut, and bows wouldn't stick to it either. Nice idea in theory because it looks pretty, but in reality it was not meant for the purpose I used it for. 


  1. Love the brown paper wrapping! Is the kitchen set PB? I saw one like it in there and loved it.

    We keep Christmas simple too and hope to do the same with our kiddos.

    I got a panini maker and photo collage of our maternity pics and a few movies that Chris got as lightening deals on amazon.

    1. I'll never use brown paper again! Too much of a hassle. Yes, it's the Pottery Barn set. I just linked it up now:)

      I want to see the collage!

  2. I wanted to do the brown paper thing too, but I found a roll of what looked like brown paper at Ikea. I got a roll of brown and a roll of red, and it was the texture of nice wrapping paper. It worked out pretty well, so if you like the look, maybe try that!

  3. Great pics! I love how the boys left an orange for Santa, too ;)

    mary's blog

  4. LOVE that Pottery Barn kitchen set, too cute!! Looks like a really fun Christmas!!

  5. lovely photos! still loving that sparkly gold dress of yours:)

  6. I too love the brown wrapping paper but I guess I'll stay away if you say it's difficult to work with! Although I might have to check out that ikea wrapping paper. We use cloth gift bags that my husband's mom has made over the years. She's easily made over 100 bags in all different sizes and we very rarely have to buy gift bags or wrapping paper, so it's nice but the boys miss out on tearing into the wrapping paper too.

    I love your Christmas dress too!

  7. I love your wrapping paper! And the boys pajamas are so adorable. Such a cute family!