Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Completed Goals 2012

Here were my goals for last year with an update on how I did. I didn't complete everything on my list, but I did add to the list over the year. These are my goals for 2012:

-Have Andrew fully potty trained Still going well at home, now I need to venture out   

-Work on my landscape/nature photography I'll get practice on this trip we're taking.  
Needs more practice

-Read at least 4 books This one is on my list 

-Get my wisdom teeth out

-Start up a work out routine to tone up 
 I did the Tupler Technique!

-Get a couch for our formal living room I have my eye on this one in white by PB
See it here! 

-Get our bed and bath painted
Still have to pick a color and commit

-Paint our study and create a gallery wall 
See it here!

-Reach 300 "likes" on my photography page
See here!

 Get a full frame camera
Love it!

 Start a website for my photography business
See it here! 

-Recycle more We recycle a lot, but I'd like to focus on recycling paper and small objects

-Transition Andrew from a crib to bed
Super easy transition

-Cut back on the time I spend online 
Needs more work, always will....

-Have Chris finish his MBA
He did!

-Learn to cook more meatless meals
Learned about a lot of new meals

-Install knobs on our kitchen cabinets
Need to do 

-Create an even better photo book for this new year You can view the one for this year here
See it here!

-Reach 100 followers on this old blog 
Thank you to all my followers! 


  1. Congrats on meeting so many goals! I made a new 2013 list, and I'm almost embarrassed at how ambitious my 2012 goals were!

  2. Okay, I am calling it a victory for you, so many 'lines' through words, awesome.

    Happy New Year!!!

  3. Looks like you had a very productive year! Potty-training MY Andrew is on my list this year! :)