Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goals for 2013

-Transition from a PC to a Mac

-Paint the trim in our family room (Still have to complete)

-Hang curtains in our family room 

-Read a little from the Bible each day (Need to work on this)

-Learn CS6 

-Reach 500 "likes" on my photography page 

-Set up a desk and create office in our empty study (Decided to focus on family room/bedroom this year instead) 

-Have Chris pass the CPA

-Gain at least 10 pounds 

-Paint our master bedroom and bath

-Decorate master bed and bath

-Sign onto Facebook only in the evening (Ive been good to limiting business posting to the evening, still have to work on the rest)

-Upgrade several pieces of camera equipment 

-Double my photography annual profit

-Start a photography blog


  1. Great goals! Did your doctors tell you to gain weight, or is that just a personal preference? You are so tiny you could definitely get away with it. Hell, you could gain 50 lbs and still look phenomenal. (Not saying you look like you need to gain weight, but you get the point... I hope.)

    1. Thanks! Personal preference. I just don't like how I look right now and all my clothes look so big. I feel like I look too skinny. It's so hard for me to gain weight for some reason (most I think are genetics) and I can eat and eat and eat and it just goes no where. It's frustrating, but I going to try to work on it.

    2. sometimes i cannot gain weight to save my life...other times...notsomuch. ha.

      when i was in college my friend amy who looked like a chihauhua put on like 20 pounds from lifting weights. she did not look like she gained that much, but she did and looked quite lovely if you ask me!

      i'm sure it's your genetics! but don't worry, so long as you eat healthy and exercise it should not matter what one weighs:)

  2. These are fabulous goals! I found the transition from PC to Mac VERY easy. Macs are more user friendly, in my opinion, and easier to keep organized. My goal used to be to gain I'm trying to lose 10 (or at least a size or two...muscle weighs more than fat.) Good luck!