Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby Sophia is Here!

My sister had her baby! Sophia Margaret, 5lbs, 10 ozs on January 27th. It was a really fast delivery, only 3hrs (must be something with our family and fast births) and I'm so proud of my sister for doing it all naturally with no pain medication! She really wanted to go naturally like I did and she was able to.
Sophia, 7hrs New
My sister doesn't talk about, but she had a difficult pregnancy with Sophia. There were a lot of scares from beginning to the end, but she is here now safe and sound.
Funny part of the story is that everyone in our family was CONVINCED it was a boy. My sister didn't have a girl middle name picked out. When Sophia was born, the doctor had my sister Liz lift the baby up on her own. She saw it was a girl and said "It's a girl!" My mom says, "Are you sure?" She wasn't sure, so she lifted the blanket to double check! Haha!
Anyway, she is adorable and the boys love their new cousin! I've been visiting frequently to get my newborn fix :)


  1. SO glad despite the scares that everything worked out well! Baby Sophia is a doll!!

  2. She is so precious! Congrats to the new mom, I am sure it will be so fun for your kids to have a new cousin.

  3. she is sooooo gorgeous!!!!!! congratulations!

  4. Oh yay! Congrats to your whole family, she is wonderful!