Friday, March 29, 2013

My Sister's Wedding

I wanted to share the photos and details from my sister Mary's wedding last Friday.

I figured I give a little commentary on the details. Her gown was a Eve of Milady. We all wore royal blue which is my favorite wedding color to date. 

You may recognize the earrings as the same ones that debuted at Elizabeth and Perpetua's wedding. The pearls were our bridemaid gifts. 

We had re-used the shoes for the last two weddings and for whatever reason, my mom decided to get ones for this wedding. Bad idea. Our feet were so cut up during the day! I've worn nearly every type of shoe imaginable and never had a problem, but by the reception my feet were so cut up that I didn't know if I could even walk out with them on. Plan to sell them ;) 

I was not the photographer, but I snapped a few photos here and there from the day. Everyone is confused by this. My family hires an amazing photographer for family weddings, who is much more talented than I. Check out his work here. The photographer/videographer wonders why I take photos since I'm "off" for the night. I just enjoy it! I take a few here and there when I feel like it and that's it. No pressure. 

The church was beautiful. The day was SO cold and windy. It was close to 32 degrees out and with the wind it was worse. 

The reception was at the same location I had mine at, The Downtown Club in Philadelphia. However, it had been completely renovated and this was the first wedding held there! 

I snuck in to get some photos before everyone arrived. The cocktail room was wonderful and we broke with tradition and enjoyed the food there even though we were members of the bridal party.

The bridal room had an amazing spread of seafood and they brought us all sorts of specialities from lamb chops on the bone, to mini lobsters, lobster on sticks in mini cups of butter, chardonnay and even sparkling cider for the kids!

Here's a few of me ;) I loved the fur wraps we wore and definitely planning to try to wear it again next winter. I have a makeup tutorial coming for how I did my the dark navy eyeshadow. It will be an easy step by step one.

Then we partied! The food which I did not get photos of was: salad with bleu cheese and fruit, raspberry sherbet, filet mignon with asparagus and mashed potatoes. The quality was top notch and the service was excellent. I rarely comment on that, but they went over and above.

Then dancing, cake cutting, dessert room (yes, a room full of desserts).

And the day was perfect....almost. Right after the cake cutting Mary began getting hives (see her red arms above?) and got really itchy. She was feeling worse and worse. She took something right away because she was having an allergic reaction (to the seafood she had earlier), but it didn't help. She headed to the hospital across the street. They said her throat was really swollen and gave her injections for the reaction. The downside was that it put her sleep for hours. Luckily it was so late, it didn't ruin the day and know she knows she is allergic to shell fish! lol

Questions and comments welcome! I'm heading out to 3pm service for Good Friday, but I'll try to respond when I can. 


  1. the good looks that run in your family is CRAZY. seriously ya'll look like royalty. i love these photos! and i love your wrap!

    and tooooo bad about the allergy to shell fish! poor thing!

  2. what a stunning wedding and bride. and you looked gorgeous as well mama!

  3. Your family has a family of beautiful girls! Her wedding looks like a fairy tale!

  4. Great blog.You look beautiful in all your wedding pictures. Thank you sharing your beautiful day with us.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post. Happy Easter!


  5. What a beautiful wedding!! I loved the colors and her hair looked lovely.


  6. I'm glad your sister is OK after the allergic reaction! What a way to end your wedding day. Evie looked ADORABLE! She couldn't have looked cuter if she tried. Another beautiful wedding. Are your parents going to get a break soon? Haha.

  7. What a beautiful wedding! Love the reception decor!

  8. Awesome pics! I'm always impressed by winter weddings. Glad your sister is okay!