Saturday, April 27, 2013

The little Project that took FOREVER

After taking photos of my sister's nursery, I really came to like her moss covered letters. I decided the initial of our last name would be the perfect touch for the space in our downstairs bathroom. I made a trip to AC Moore and purchased a sheet of stick on moss, a wooden J and some ribbon (which I ended up not using). Seemed simple enough: cut moss, stick on and hang.

Cutting through the moss is very difficult and makes a huge mess! The stick part wasn't that difficult and I had it covered quickly. I didn't think about how to hang it until it was covered in moss unfortunately. I had to attach a picture bracket to the back, which wouldn't have been as difficult if it wasn't already covered in moss! In all, I spent $10 and I'm pleased with the result. One day, I would love to get one of the live moss versions from Pottery Barn!


  1. Yours looks JUST like the PB one AND it can't die like the real moss can so that's a bonus! :)

  2. I love the way this looks (I may even copy you and put our initial in the powder room), but I have to be mentally prepped to deal with the moss! I'm hoping to be more crafty in the beginning of the summer.

  3. It looks really good! You did a great job! Most "simple" projects become much more complicated once they are started. I feel that way with almost all the projects I take on.

    1. True, the problem is with expectations. I expected it to be simple, so I was frustrated when I couldn't get it done very fast.