Monday, April 8, 2013


Our Easter weekend was not so wonderful. On Thursday/Good Friday the boys came down with pink eye in both eyes. I had a newborn session Holy Saturday first thing in the morning. Newborn sessions tend to drain my energy for the rest of the day as they take at least two hours. Chris accidentally scheduled the 2nd part of his CPA exam for Easter Monday, so he had to study non-stop. By Easter Sunday Evie had pink eye and it was by far the worst case in the house. I must have come in contact with the germs and got one of the worse sore throats ever! I had ulcers at the back of my throat and it felt like I was swallowing glass.

We managed to dye eggs and make up baskets, but my pie making plans and time for photos were lost. We did manage to get to Good Friday service (I was alone with the 3 kids) and to Easter Mass early!

I decided to take Easter photos this past weekend. There was an abandoned barn right off the highway that I pass every day going to work. I thought what a neat place to take a few photos! Wrong. We pulled up and I got out with Christopher took 2-3 shots, returned to the car where Chris was waiting and went to do the same thing with Andrew.

We were there about 10 minutes total when a van comes flying down the dusty road. I knew immediately it was trouble, and grab Andrew's hand and begin to walk/run as fast as possible to the car. Right as I'm loading him into a car a crazed middle age man starts running toward us shouting, "I want to ask you a question!" I stare as I load up and he continues "Do people come into YOUR backyard?" I should have said yes because they do all the time as ours backs to common ground, but I was dumbfounded. We didn't touch anything. He says, "This is private property!!" I replied, "Really? I thought it was completely abandoned." The barn had no roof and trees growing through it. It was full of garbage: empty gas cans, broken chairs, rusty metal. 

I wish I could laugh about the story after the fact, but he was such an angry man. One of those people you can just tell looks for confutation so they can take out their anger on someone else. It's right off such a major highway, why wouldn't you put up something that says private property. Not to mention all the trouble he took to drive from his house to the barn. Oh well...we went to the "lake" (aka dumpy water way right off a road).

This girl wouldn't let us put her down for a single minute.

Well for a second with tears...Evie's dress was consignment for $10! It even came with the headband.

I got these bow ties for the boys from Target's $1 section! Suits from Target too.
Loved the golden sunset. It was worth the wait and the trouble to get a few shots. When can I ever dress them like this again? :)


  1. Ugh, so sorry everyone was sick. Those photos are GORGEOUS, I cannot take how cute the boy's outfits are!

  2. Oh heavens! Angry people make me sad. I would have panicked and reacted how you did. Especially since the kids were with you. Thank heavens you didn't bring a client there. All property should be posted private if it is easily accessible and the owners don't want anyone walking on their property. We have a crazy guy in the back woods where I grew up. We'd go hiking and if we were in his protests, he'd chase us

  3. We just dealt with a whole lot of sick in our house. Jason got this awful stomach bug (that we thought was food poisoning) right before Easter (while I was away, no less). Elliott and I got it about a week later, as did my mother-in-law. I haven't been that sick since I got the flu in college. It is so hard to see your kids so unhappy and sick! Hope everyone is on the mend (and wonderful photos!).

  4. Pink eye? YUCK. But these pictures are absolutely wonderful and I still can't get over how beautiful your children are.

  5. Too bad you had to deal with that mean guy! Ugh! But you did get some beautiful pics anyway!!

  6. It's a good idea to research all locations before using them, and asking permission however you can. I always warn my neighbors when I'm doing shoots in my own backyard, because they have kids and they often don't want them in the background (and I don't want them there either!). Anyway, just brush off the experience with that guy. If someone had wandered onto my property I would have asked them to leave too, albeit nicely. Move on, move up!

    1. Yes, I always do with clients. This was the first time I've ever tried anything like this and it will be the last. People come onto our backyard all the time. I'm fine with it as long as they aren't hurting anything there is no harm! :)

  7. That's too bad that he was so mean, but your pictures ended up turning out great! I love the dress (you can't beat consignment!) and I bought those same bow ties for my nephews for Easter, I couldn't pass them up for $1!